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10 Amazing Places to Buy Cage-Free Chicken That Will Make Your Meals Healthier and Tastier!

There are many reasons why people choose to eat organic foods, and sticking with cage-free chicken could be one of them.

But do you know where to find these chickens and which places sell their meat production on the market?

If you want to find out more facts about cage-free chicken and where to buy it, keep reading our article for more information!

What is cage-free chicken?

The term cage-free chicken refers to chickens that are not kept in cages.

Cage-free birds can be raised indoors and/or outdoors, but they never live in a cage of any kind.

They will have plenty of room to roam and spread their wings.

They have a natural environment to live naturally and get lots of fresh air and sunshine without the restriction of cages.

The benefits of this type of raising include the following: no chance for injury or disease from being cramped together with other animals, better living conditions because there is more space, less stress on the poultry so their meat and eggs are healthier and tastier for you to eat.

How many calories are in cage-free chicken?

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The fact is cage-free chickens have more space to live on a daily basis, so the birds themselves are more active.

Therefore, you will find cage-free chicken flesh is less fatty and firmer.

As a result, cage-free chicken is typically lower in calories compared to factory-raised chicken.

Generally, a serving size of four ounces (or 112 grams) of free-range boneless and skinless chicken breast provides us with 110 calories and only nine calories are from fat.

Other dark meat parts like wings or thighs will contain a little more fat, therefore, produce more calories.

How to choose the best cage-free chicken?

Cage-free chicken is usually more costly than regular chicken, therefore, to not waste your money, you should know some tips to choose the best free-range chicken.

1.   Buy cage-free chicken from a reputable store (cage-free chicken can also be found under other terms like organic, free-range, or hormone-free)

Some immoral sellers might do some tricks to label their factory-raised chicken as cage-free chicken.

Therefore, before looking for cage-free chicken on the market, you should ask for advice from other consumers to know a reputable store that sells this kind of chicken.

Keep in mind that cage-free chicken can also be called organic chicken, free-range chicken, or hormone-free chicken so don’t miss these options as well.

2.   Look for a name of the breed you trust

When it comes to cage-free chicken, there are several breeds for you to choose from.

Some will be rarer, thus more expensive.

On the other hand, some breeds will be more affordable but still ensure texture and flavor.

3.   Choose the cage-free chicken that is moist when touching and bright in color

The tip to choose a fresh cut of cage-free chicken is looking for the chicken that has a bright yellow color on the skin and meat, with a moist look and texture when giving it a touch.

If the skin looks too dark in color, that means the chicken is too old and their meat and skin might be too tough for you to consume, especially for kids and the elderly.

In this case, you would want to slow-cook the chicken to tenderize it by the long cooking time and low heat.

Where to buy cage-free chicken?

Due to the higher demand for healthy food like cage-free chicken, today, there are more meat producers selling this kind of chicken.

If you are wondering where to buy the best free-range chicken on the market, here are some suggestions from us:

1.   Farmer’s market or local butcher

Organic food like cage-free chicken is usually found at a farmer’s market or local butcher.

Therefore, when you are planning to buy some cage-free chicken, head to the nearest farmer’s market or butcher shop and check the availability of organic chicken.

In case they don’t have any, try looking for it in the below option.

2.   Organic meat store

As the name implies, in an organic meat store, you have a variety of organic meat options.

You can look for a specialized poultry store or the one that sells beef, pork, and chicken at the same counter.

3.   Supermarkets

In some certain supermarkets, you can find organic meat in the meat section, either fresh or frozen.

There will be a higher chance to look for cage-free chicken in a large chain supermarket, such as Walmart or Kroger rather than in a small local supermarket.

Most large supermarkets have websites so that you can easily make an online purchase without leaving home.


Eating healthy can be expensive, but choosing cage-free chicken could make the switch a lot more affordable.

Depending on where you live in the world, it may be easier to purchase some cuts of cage-free chicken.

If you want to take home some of these tasty birds, there are some places that you can find, such as at a farmer’s market, an organic meat store, or a large chain supermarket.

Hope you can find the best cage-free chicken at a reasonable price to create mouth-watering dishes for your family.

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