Want Bourbon Chicken Sauce? Try This Store!

When thinking of bourbon, we are likely to remember a perfect summer with a glass of bourbon whiskey on the rocks.

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But have you ever thought of the bourbon taste on chicken?

Yes, you are right.

Bourbon chicken is a popular dish in some parts of the world, and the key to having the perfect bourbon chicken dish lies in the sauce.

So what exactly bourbon chicken sauce is and where to buy it?

Let’s figure it out in this article.

What is bourbon chicken sauce?

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Bourbon chicken sauce is a sweet and savory sauce that is popular in Chinese cuisine.

It is used to season in the bourbon chicken recipe.

The sauce can be made from scratch at home, or it is already processed and sold in a bottle or package at a grocery store.

Typically, bourbon chicken sauce is made out of honey, soy sauce, garlic, ginger, rice vinegar or lemon juice, and bourbon whiskey.

The chicken pieces, after being deep-fried to achieve the crispy crust, will be tossed in the bourbon sauce and simmer for 10 to 15 minutes until all the flavor penetrates into the meat and results in flavorful pieces of chicken submerged in a sticky sauce.

There is just a small amount of alcohol in this recipe because you will need about a few teaspoons of bourbon whiskey per 100 grams of chicken, so feel free to drive after eating this mouth-watering dish.

The sweet and savory taste, with the beautiful caramel color and velvety texture from the bourbon chicken, will make anyone ask for more.

How many calories are in bourbon chicken sauce?

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Bourbon chicken sauce is low in calories because it is just a kind of sauce that is made from various spices and liquids.

The majority of calories of this bourbon chicken dish is from chicken.

To reduce the calorie and fat intake, you can replace chicken thighs with chicken breast.

On average, one tablespoon of bourbon chicken sauce is enough for a serving size of bourbon chicken, and it will only provide you with 20 calories.

Bourbon chicken sauce is not supposed to offer nutrients, but flavors to the dish.

How to choose the best bourbon chicken sauce?

So how to choose the best bourbon chicken sauce that makes no one forget your bourbon chicken dish just after the first bite?

Here is the buying guide that will help:

1.   Check the condition of the container carefully

Bourbon chicken sauce is normally contained in a bottle, either glass or plastic, or in a package.

No matter what the container looks like, you should check the quality of it carefully before making the purchase.

It should look new with a delicately printed label.

The lid should be tight because if the content is exposed to the air, it might be spoiled.

Also, check the best by date or expiration date to make sure the sauce is still at its peak quality and safe to use.

2.   Opt for a reputable brand

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There are plenty of manufacturers that produce bourbon chicken sauce, so it is quite hard to know which one tastes best.

In this case, you should ask for advice from other consumers, like your relatives or friends, and give the brand that is trusted by most people a try.

You can also try others after that to pick your favorite.

3.   Consider size

Bourbon chicken sauce also comes in different sizes.

Therefore, if this is your first time making bourbon chicken, you should opt for a smaller package (or even a sample package) before deciding to change to another brand to scale up to the bigger size.

Where to buy bourbon chicken sauce?

Bourbon chicken sauce is very popular on the market.

Here are some places where you can buy this sweet and savory sauce:

1.   Grocery store or supermarket

You can easily find some bottles or packages of bourbon sauce on the shelf of any grocery store or supermarket across the country.

Since this is a popular dish in China, it will be sold more in a store located in Chinatown.

2.   Online

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Bourbon sauce is also available on many convenience stores or supermarkets’ websites.

It is sold on Amazon and eBay too so you can order some no matter where you live.


One way to make your dish stand out is by adding a delicious bourbon chicken sauce.

It makes your chicken pieces flavorful, glowy, and sticky.

If you’re looking for quality bourbon chicken sauces, you know you have a variety of options on the market, from a local small convenience store to a large chain supermarket like Costco or Walmart.