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10 Amazingly Delicious Places to Buy Boneless Pork Ribs That Will Make Your Mouth Water!

Boneless pork ribs are a delicious dish and can be cooked in various ways without all of the hassle and mess.

However, there are several misconceptions about this meat cut, which will be unraveled in this article.

You will not only learn more about boneless pork ribs but also know where to buy this amazing pork cut so that anytime you crave a mouth-watering dish from boneless pork ribs, you know where to find them.

What are boneless pork ribs?

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The most common misconception about boneless pork ribs is they come from the rib section.

So what is the truth?

Boneless pork ribs are usually referred to as boneless country-style ribs, and they are cut from the shoulder area instead.

The reason for this name is that their appearance is similar to standard pork ribs, even in the flavor and texture.

The shoulder is cut into thick strips that resemble pork ribs.

Boneless pork ribs can also be cut from the blade-end loin chops with the bone removed before being sold on the market.

In fact, pork shoulder country-style ribs are more popular.

This budget-friendly meat cut is fatty and very tasty.

With nice marbling content, boneless pork ribs are perfect for roasting or slow-cooking without worrying to dry out.

How many calories are in boneless pork ribs?

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Boneless country-style pork ribs are considered a healthy option because of their nutrient facts.

This cut is relatively lean with some marbling fat, making it high in protein but low in fat.

On average, a serving size of boneless pork ribs (about 112 grams) will provide 170 calories, 26 grams protein, and 2 grams fat.

Boneless pork ribs are also a rich source of calcium, iron, carb-free.

Therefore, if you are looking for an ingredient for your diet without sacrificing flavors, this pork cut should be your top choice.

How to choose the best boneless pork ribs?

When you have just started making sausage at home, it is recommended to use boneless pork ribs because they are easier to work with and produce a good thick sausage.

If you choose the low-quality boneless pork ribs, the sausage will end up terrible even if you have an amazing stuffing on hand.

So here are some tips for you to choose the best boneless pork ribs:

1.   Choose the boneless pork ribs that are white without any discoloration

The store-bought boneless pork ribs can be used directly from the package, therefore, you should opt for the boneless pork ribs that look pale white to white without any discoloration or weird spots on them.

2.   Be careful with boneless pork ribs that are cleaned by chemicals to reduce their specific smell

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One thing to keep in mind is that pork intestines have a specific odor, which is quite pungent and unpleasant for some people.

boneless pork ribs, therefore, have this smell from the material used to make them.

If you buy boneless pork ribs without any smell, it might be because producers have used a lot of chemicals and toxins to remove this smell.

Don’t buy them at all!

3.   Make your own boneless pork ribs by purchasing fresh pork intestines

If you want to make pork sausage from scratch, including making your own boneless pork ribs, you can buy fresh pork intestines from a reputable store to ensure food safety.

Where to buy boneless pork ribs?

As already mentioned, boneless pork ribs are actually from the pork shoulder, which is a very common cut of pork.

So you can also easily purchase some pounds of boneless pork ribs from the following places:

1.   Butcher shops

You can purchase the freshest boneless country-style pork ribs at any butcher shop.

The pork can be sold as rib-like strips, as a whole pork shoulder cut.

In this case, you can require the butcher to help you cut it into strips with the desired thickness.

2.   Grocery store or supermarket

You can also find boneless pork ribs available in the meat section of any local grocery store or supermarket.

If you cannot find a package of boneless pork ribs, which are actually pork shoulder that is cut into strips like ribs, you just need to buy your favorite pork shoulder cut and bring it home to cut it yourself.

3.   Online

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Boneless pork ribs are also sold online, making it super convenient if you are busy but still have your family’s favorite ingredient ready in the kitchen without spending time shopping.

Once again, remember that you can create your own boneless pork ribs so if it is too hard to find the pre-cut version, just stick with the whole shoulder cut instead.


In conclusion, boneless pork ribs are a perfect option to add to your healthy diet.

They are affordable, delicious, and carb-free.

Find your nearest grocery store or butcher shop for some fresh cuts of these wonderful boneless pork ribs, and you are never left hungry or disappointed when wanting to make your favorite meal from this amazing pork cut.

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