Where To Buy Boneless Chicken Wing Near Me? A Place To Purchase In Case You Can’t Find It Locally!

When it comes to boneless chicken wings, there are many misconceptions about this meat cut.

So what boneless chicken wings really are and where you can buy them?

You will find out the answers to these questions in this article so don’t miss a word.

What are boneless chicken wings?

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Boneless chicken wings, in fact, are not real wings with the bones removed.

The reason is chicken wings are quite small and it is hard to take the bones out of the wings without messing up their appearance.

Therefore, the term “boneless chicken wings” actually refers to the chicken breast that is cut into chunks that resemble chicken wings.

The boneless chicken wings are typically coated with bread crumbs and cornmeal and deep-fried.

Although boneless chicken wings are healthier because they are actually chicken breast, they lack skin, bone, and cartilage, which create succulent and crispy real wings.

Anyway, boneless chicken wings are easier to prepare and cook faster, and they are perfect for those who crave chicken but don’t want to sacrifice their health and weight.

How many calories are in boneless chicken wings?

Now we know that boneless chicken wings are actually chicken breast, which is the leanest cut of chicken containing the lowest amount of calories.

For your information, a serving size of four ounces of skinless chicken breast will provide us with 124 calories.

However, when cooked, boneless chicken wings will absorb more oil due to the deep-frying method.

Therefore, you will get a bit more calories than the aforementioned number.

Don’t forget to accompany this crispy and tasty dish with boneless chicken wings with some veggies and salad to increase your vitamins and minerals intake.

How to choose the best boneless chicken wings?

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In this part, you will find some tips that can help you choose the best breast to make delicious boneless chicken wings:

1. You should buy the whole cut of breast and divide it into wing pieces later on

Normally, a chicken breast is sold whole.

It is also better for you because pre-cut chicken breast might turn out to be drier and lose some natural sweetness when exposed to the air.

When having the best cut of chicken breast on hand, that means you have done the hardest task.

Now you just need to equally divide it into wing-sized pieces to make boneless wings.

2. Look for the breast that is moist and has no discoloration

To make sure you have the best chicken breast to make boneless chicken wings, you need to choose the fresh cut of the breast.

It should look moist but dry without any liquid in the package.

There shouldn’t be any discoloration or any sign of spoilage either.

It is best to buy air-chilled chicken breast because the air chilling method helps lower the bacteria and reduce the water content of the chicken.

3. Choose organic/ free-range chicken if possible

Breast is the most expensive cut of a chicken, and if you opt for organic breast, it will be even a little higher in price.

Therefore, in case you can afford it, just buy the organic or free-range chicken because it is healthier and tastier.

4. Buy chicken breast in bulk to save money

If you are preparing a huge batch of boneless chicken wings for a big party, you should buy chicken breast in bulk from one store to get a better price.

You can also buy more than your family consumption in one meal to store in your freezer for later meals.

Where to buy boneless chicken wings?

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It will be hard to find real boneless chicken wings that are made from chicken wings with the bones removed, but it is super easy to purchase chicken breast to make the popular boneless chicken wings version.

1. Local butcher

You can easily buy chicken breast in a local butcher shop.

Most cuts here are kept cool, so if you don’t want to use it right now, toss the package to the freezer, it can last for months without losing flavors or texture if properly stored.

2. Grocery store or supermarket

In any grocery store or supermarket in America, you can find at least one to two packages of chicken breast.

Choose the suitable size and breed of chicken that you find the best for your family.

3. Online

Chicken breast is also available on many online shopping platforms, locally to internationally.

You can find it on the website of a local meat store, a large chain supermarket like Walmart, Whole Foods, or Costco, and on Amazon or eBay.

It is crucial to check the judgments of other customers about the seller that you are going to buy chicken breast.


We hope this article has helped you know more about boneless chicken wings so that you won’t get anything wrong when shopping for this meat cut.

The majority of grocery stores do not carry real boneless chicken wings that are de-boned wings, but you need to look for the breast cut instead.

Breast is one of the most popular cuts of chicken and you can find both skin-on or skinless versions of it in any meat store or supermarket across the country.

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