Where To Buy Bone In Pork Shoulder Near Me? A Place To Purchase In Case You Can’t Find It Locally!

You’re trying to find that perfect piece of pork shoulder for your next meal.

But you can’t help but feel overwhelmed with all of the options.

Should you buy a bone-in cut? How much calorie is in bone in pork shoulder? And how to choose the best one?

If these questions are running through your mind, then this is the blog post for you! This article will answer some questions related to pork shoulder to make sure that it is an easy decision on where to purchase from next time.

What is bone in pork shoulder?

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A bone-in pork shoulder is a cut of meat that can be cooked in many different ways depending on the type of flavor you are looking for.

A typical way to cook it is with BBQ sauce, but it can also be roasted or braised.

It’s best when slow cooked and has a lot of fat marbled through the meat which makes for an extremely flavorful end result! This means you want to take your time cooking this meal so that all those tasty juices stay inside.

How much calorie is in bone in pork shoulder?

This blog post will go through how many calories are in bone-in pork shoulder per serving size so you can make an educated decision about what type you would like to cook with today! 

The USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference shows that there are approximately 220 calories in 1/2 cup (120 grams) raw bone-in pork shoulder, which is also equivalent to 5 ounces (140 grams).

Make sure to balance out your diet with other lower calorie foods if you’re trying to lose weight! 

How to choose the best bone in pork shoulder?

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In this part, we will reveal some tips in order to help you choose the best bone in pork shoulder so that it turns out tender and juicy every time.

1. Select a piece that has good marbling and fat content for more flavor

The first thing you should do when choosing your perfect cut of meat is check out how many muscles it has and then if those muscles seem like they’ll give me enough fat content as well.

2. Look for a piece with some bone in it, as this will help keep it moist during cooking

Make sure your pork shoulder has some bone and meat on it! Bones will help keep this traditionally tough cut moist during cooking with its natural marrow inside while adding incredible flavor.

3. Avoid pieces with large chunks or pockets of fat, as these can cause the meat to be dry

When it comes to choosing the best pork shoulder bone, there are a few important and easy steps.

Avoid pieces with large chunks of fat or pockets of grease because this can lead to dry meat.

Where to buy bone in pork shoulder?

You may know that there are many recipes out there for making the perfect bone in pork shoulder.

But where do you buy it? In the part, we will list some places where you can buy bone in pork shoulder.

1. Local butchers

The meat has been cut and trimmed by a skilled professional, so you know it will be fresh and delicious.

You can also ask the butcher to cut it up for you if you don’t want to do any of that work yourself.

2. Grocery stores like Whole Foods

Whole Foods is a good go-to grocery store for someone looking to buy bone in pork shoulder.

Whole foods carries the product and has competitive prices, as well as organic options if desired!

3. Online from Amazon

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There are many options online from Amazon.

The first step is to search for “bone in pork.” You’ll be able to filter by the size, type of cut (e.g., boneless), and weight that you’re looking for among others things such as USDA rating or prime status if needed


The next time you are looking to buy a bone in pork shoulder, make sure that you have read this article.

You will find out where the best places are to purchase from and how much calories there is per serving so that it becomes an easy decision on which one to choose!

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