Where To Buy Beef Sausage Near Me? A Place To Purchase In Case You Can’t Find It Locally!

Meat sausage, including beef sausage, is one of the favorite dishes of all ages, especially for kids.

The classic breakfast with smoked sausage, some toast, and fried eggs is very quick to make but still provides us with enough energy and nutrients to start our days.

So if you are hungry for some beef sausages and don’t know where to buy the best one? You will find the answer in this article.

But first, let’s grasp some knowledge about this beef product.

What is a beef sausage?

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Beef sausage is a type of sausage besides pork sausage or poultry sausage.

It is made from ground beef with various spices and seasonings, and sometimes even some cheap starch filler such as breadcrumbs or grains.

All these ingredients are filled in a casing, which can be made from cattle intestines, or artificial casings.

There are different ways to make beef sausages, resulting in different kinds of sausages on the market.

You can buy the raw sausage that is made with raw beef which is preserved by lactic acid fermentation and requires to be cooked before eating.

There are also cooked beef sausages that are fully cooked and can be eaten right from the package, but they don’t last long and need to be refrigerated.

Or the dry sausage that is already cured or smoked can be either enjoyed immediately or cooked before eating.

Unlike beef salami with a specific marbled appearance, beef sausages are likely to have a smooth texture with more lean meat than fat.

How many calories are in a beef sausage?

The exact answer to this question will actually depend on the ingredients that are used to make beef sausage, the ratio of lean meat and fat, and the size of the sausage.

But on average, a beef sausage link will provide us around 130 to 150 calories, or 100 grams of beef sausage containing approximately 270 calories.

So if you just consume one link per meal, which is what we recommend, you just get an adequate amount of protein as well as calories and fat.

Beef sausage is also a rich source of essential nutrients from red meat, including copper, iron, zinc, B-vitamins, and phosphorus.

However, it is also high in sodium, which can pose some risks to our health if eaten too much.

How to choose the best beef sausage?

In general, beef sausage is easy to store so it is quite rare to buy a spoiled sausage.

However, anything can happen, especially when a somewhat immoral producer makes sausages from stale and spoiled beef and even doesn’t properly store them.

So to avoid buying these terrible products, here are some tips for you to choose the best beef sausages:

1. Buy a beef sausage from a reputable brand

Look for a reputable brand that a vast majority of customers have chosen for a long period of time.

When buying beef sausages from them, you will know exactly the origin of beef and what cut is used to make sausages.

Moreover, they can even offer many high-quality sausages that are made from pasture-raised beef or a rare breed of cow.

2. Look for beef sausage that has no sign of spoilage

The second thing you need to consider is the condition of the beef sausage and its package.

What is a sign of spoilage or contamination? It is mold, watery, discolored, and expired sausages.

The package itself should be sealed, clean, and dry to ensure the quality of the content inside.

3. Consider sizes, flavors, and types of beef sausage

As already mentioned, there are different kinds of beef sausages so to make sure that the flavor will satisfy your taste buds, you need to read the ingredients and choose your favorite one.

Buy a small package if you don’t want to freeze it for later uses, and the smoked or cured sausages will last longer if you expect to store them for a while.

Where to buy a beef sausage?

Besides pork sausages, beef sausages are also one of the most popular types of sausages.

Therefore, it is not a hassle to find a place that sells this beef product.

1. Food trucks

You can easily buy a cooked beef sausage sold in a hot dog food truck.

Normally, they will sell the baked or fried beef sausage here to eat with buns and salad, so if you want to buy fresh and raw beef sausage, look below in the following places.

2. Local butcher shops

Besides the fresh beef cuts, they also sell processed beef products like beef sausages in a butcher shop.

If you want to buy in bulk, you can even ask them ahead to make beef sausage from a specific breed and cut of beef per your preference.

3. Grocery store or supermarket

There are various brands of beef sausages for you to choose from in a grocery store or supermarket.

They are usually placed next to the meat section or dairy products section.

4. Online retailer

Beef sausage can be widely sold online too.

You can find the raw, precooked, or cooked versions all on Amazon, eBay, or any website of a supermarket or meat store.

Make sure you read the feedback from other customers before making the purchase.


Beef sausage is great for a quick and hearty meal, or as a snack on a treat day.

However, it is considered processed meat which can be high in sodium and saturated fat, therefore, you should limit your portion and consumption of beef sausage to maintain a healthy diet.

Every once in a while, when you crave a piping hot beef sausage, you know where to buy it, from a food truck, butcher shop, or any supermarket across America.