Where To Buy Beef Navel? You’ll Want To Know This

Beef navel is one of the favorite and affordable cuts of beef.

It is not too lean like the loin cut but has an adequate amount of fat that helps add flavor and tenderness.

In this blog post, you will learn more about the beef navel cut like how many calories you will get from this beef cut as well as the useful information on where to buy beef navel.

What is beef navel?

Japanese Beef Wagyu Ribeye - approx. 4-5 lb - A5 Grade 100% Wagyu...

If the ventral part of pork is usually referred to as pork belly, then it is beef navel when it comes to beef.

Beef navel is a smaller cut from the primal plate cut.

The term “navel” refers to the natural depression in cattle where fat accumulates.

When cooked, this fatty section becomes very tender and juicy with an intense flavor profile.

In most cases, beef navel is sold by weight rather than by individual pieces or slices because it can be difficult to tell how much you are getting without cutting it open first.

Beef navel is similar to beef brisket, therefore, this cut is usually used to make pastrami or beef bacon.

How many calories are in beef navel?

Beef navel is pretty high in calories because this cut consists of both lean meat and fat, and the calories per gram of fat will be higher than per gram of protein.

Generally, 100 grams of beef navel will provide us with 250 calories, which are from 15 grams of fat and 27 grams of protein.

The cut is also a rich source of calcium, iron, zinc, and B-vitamins like any cut of red meat.

To burn down these 250 calories, you will have different options, such as jogging for 30 minutes, swimming for 40 minutes, or cleaning for one and a half hours.

How to choose the best beef navel?

Choosing the best beef navel is not hard, as long as you pay attention to this process.

When having the top-quality ingredient on hand, you should properly store or cook it to make sure that the result won’t disappoint anyone in your family.

Here are some tips to choose the best beef navel:

1. Look for an intact beef navel cut that is deep red in color with no black spots or signs of spoilage

Any fresh cut of beef will have a dark reddish color with a slightly oily texture.

Avoid the beef navel cut that has any sign of contamination like discoloration or weird spots on the surface and inside the cut.

Moreover, you should opt for an intact cut so that it will be easier to prepare, cook, and garnish if desired.

2. Consider the size and grade of the beef

Not all navels are the same.

They can come from different breeds of cows, resulting in different grades.

For example, Wagyu or Angus beef will definitely be superior to regular beef, and the Prime USDA grade is the highest quality while Select is the lowest but most common grade.

You can buy beef navel in bulk for a better price, but need to properly store it in the freezer for later uses.

Or if you don’t want any leftover or frozen beef navel, just purchase a smaller cut.

Where to buy beef navel?

There are many places across America to buy beef navel.

Take a look at the list below and get beef navel whenever you crave:

1. Local butcher

You can easily buy beef navel at a local butcher shop.

The cut is fresh and sold at a reasonable price, making this place what any housewife looks for when it comes to purchasing a beef cut, or any meat cut in general.

2. Grocery store or supermarket

In the meat section of almost all grocery stores and supermarkets throughout the country, you can find some packages of beef navels next to other beef cuts.

Look for the USDA label if you expect something of higher quality.

3. Online retailer

Japanese Beef Wagyu Ribeye - approx. 4-5 lb - A5 Grade 100% Wagyu...

There are many supermarkets and meat stores that allow their customers to buy beef navel or other meat cuts on their websites.

So you just need to carefully read the reviews from other customers who have experienced these retailers before making the purchase, and you will have the best ingredient in your front door without needing to leave home.


There are many beef cuts available to purchase, so just choose the one that satisfies all members of your family.

Our suggestion is the beef navel, which is not only tasty, versatile, but also affordable.

You can find this common beef cut at any butcher shop or supermarket at a reasonable price.

Always check the freshness of beef navel to result in the best dish using this ingredient.

Good luck with your choice!

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