Where To Buy Beef Knuckle Bones Near Me? A Place To Purchase In Case You Can’t Find It Locally!

Beef knuckle bones are a great buy for everyone.

They are cheap, but they can be used to make broth or soup with and provide minerals that will help your body retain nutrients better.

Knuckles come from cows so they have a lot of protein in them already and this is an easy way to get more calcium into your diet as well.

In this article, we will be discussing about beef knuckle bones and where to buy it.

What is beef knuckle bones?

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Beef knuckle bones are a type of bone that is located in the shank.

This type of meat is very popular in Eastern European countries such as Romania, Bulgaria, and Hungary.

Some people also refer to it as beef shin-bone or cow knee-cap.

The process for making this dish starts with boiling the knuckle bone until it becomes soft and tender.

After this, you can add any vegetables you want such as carrots, celery root, potatoes, onions etc., along with some spices like thyme leaves and bay leafs so that your meal has more flavor!

How much calorie is in beef knuckle bones?

It is important to understand the calorie content in beef knuckle bones so that you know how much you should be eating.

Well, it depends on the size but in general, one kilogram contains about 2200 calories! You may think they are an indulgent and sinful food but, on average, there are only about 190 calories per serving.

That’s a lot less than most people would expect! 

So if you’re wondering how many calories are in beef knuckle bones, now you have your answer.

How to choose the best beef knuckle bones?

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It’s tough to decide what the best beef knuckle bones are.

There are so many options and it can be hard to know which one will work best for your cooking needs.

This part is meant to help you narrow down your choices.

1. The bone should not be too small or thin

If you’re looking for a good beef knuckle, get one that is not too thin or small.

The best size range to go with are 9-12 inches in length and about 2-3 pounds in weight.

2. It should have a lot of meat on it

If you want to find the best beef knuckle bones, it’s important that they have a lot of meat on them.

A good way to know if your future purchase will be worth buying is by looking for features like tenderness and marbling.

3. When you tap on the top of the bone with your finger, there should be a deep sound

The sound of a beef knuckle bone is not always an accurate indication that it’s great for cooking.

When tapping on top of the bone with your finger, deep sounds indicate solid marrow and fat beneath the surface.

If instead you come across bones where no distinct tone emits from either side after batting lightly against both surfaces – then throw those away as well because they’re too dry and brittle for use in soups or other dishes requiring a rich flavor.

Where to buy beef knuckle bones?

You may have noticed that beef knuckle bones are a hot item lately, so we’ll explain the best places for you to get them in this part.

1. Online stores like Amazon or Ebay

They have great prices and you can order enough for your whole family without worrying about running out! 

The best place to buy beef knuckle bones is on amazon because they have really good prices, it’s easy to order more than one package if you need them, there are many different options available, and they ship quickly!

2. Local butcher shop or grocery store meat section

Butchers often have a variety of knuckle bones in stock and will gladly cut off the pieces you need if they don’t already come pre-cut.

This is an economical way to get just what you want without having to purchase large quantities of meat that’ll go bad before it’s used up

3. Whole Foods Market

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Whole Foods Market is the best place to buy them because not only do they sell them in their store, but you can also order it online and have it shipped right to your door.

They are the perfect size for large dogs like German Shepherds or Bernese Mountain Dogs who need more calories than smaller breeds.

You won’t regret buying beef knuckle bones from Whole Foods Market!


If you’re looking for beef knuckle bones, we recommend that you contact your local butcher.

You can also order them online from a few different retailers and then have it shipped to your home.

We hope this article has helped answer any questions about where to buy beef knuckle bones!

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