Where To Buy Beef Feet Near Me? A Place To Purchase In Case You Can’t Find It Locally!

There are many types of meat on a cow and one that may be forgotten about is beef feet.

Beef feet can be used in soups or stews, but they are also tasty in many other dishes that call for different cooking methods.

But do you know where to buy this amazing but overlooked ingredient?

The answer will be revealed in this article.

What are beef feet?

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Beef feet are simply the feet of a cow.

In gastronomy, beef feet are usually known as trotters.

It can be cooked whole in stewing or grilling recipes, or the cook can trim the meat from the feet to use in his or her recipes and discard the bone.

Beef feet have a ton of collagen and gelatin that make for a perfect broth.

However, if you stew the whole beef foot, it will take hours to break the connective tissues so that the meat will reach the fall-off-the-bone texture and the stock will be as rich as possible.

Notably, the stewed beef feet dish is not only delicious but can also be served as a hangover cure.

Cow’s feet have been around in Asian cuisine for centuries, but now this ingredient is used more popularly in other parts of the world, including the United States.

How many calories are in beef feet?

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Beef feet are high in calories, with around 300 calories per serving (110g).

On the other hand, this ingredient also makes healthy dishes with plenty of essential nutrients for our health, such as fiber, vitamin A, B6, C, E, calcium, iron, zinc, and magnesium.

If you can make the soup from beef feet with some vegetables from scratch, it would be ideal.

You can control the nutrient intake more than buying the store-bought soup, which is also packed with a certain amount of additives and a high level of sodium.

How to choose the best beef feet?

There are several factors that you better take a look at before buying beef feet to have high-quality cow’s feet that fit your needs.

Here are some typical criteria to choose the best beef feet on the market:

1.   Beef feet should have white skin with no weird spots and pink meat

The first sign that tells about the quality of the beef feet is their appearance and the texture.

The feet’s outer skin of a healthy cow will be pale white with no identification of any disease.

That means if you notice there are some grey or black spots on the beef feet with a strange odor, don’t buy them.

Regarding the meat, it should be pink and firm in texture.

Since beef feet don’t have so much meat or fat, this is quite easy for you to check the meat condition.

2.   You should buy beef feet in the morning from a reputable butcher

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The reason why you should buy beef feet, or other foods in the early morning is that this is when the cattle have just been slaughtered and the meat is still fresh.

Moreover, when buying beef feet from a reputable butcher, you can feel safer with the source of the beef.

Where to buy beef feet?

Although beef feet are not as common as other cuts like brisket or rib eye, it doesn’t mean that you cannot find this ingredient in the market.

Below are some places where you can purchase beef feet without fuss.

1.   Asian markets

There is no surprise that beef feet are sold a lot in Asian markets.

You can easily purchase this ingredient in any market if you are living in an Asian country.

Otherwise, if you settle down outside Asia, try looking for markets in the Asian neighborhood if you are craving fresh beef feet.

2.   Grocery stores or supermarkets

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Beef feet are also available at some grocery stores or supermarkets.

You can approach this amazing ingredient in the meat section near other meat cuts.

Don’t forget to check the slaughtering day on the package to make sure that the beef feet are still fresh.


It’s time to know where to buy this overlooked ingredient, so we don’t have any more missing ingredient situations during meal prep.

Beef feet can be found in many grocery stores and specialty meat shops.

Some people prefer to cook them on the stovetop, while others may want to use a pressure cooker or slow cooker to tenderize the beef feet.

No matter what dish or cooking method you are going to stick with, as long as the beef feet are of high quality, your palate will be satisfied with amazing flavors.

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