Where To Buy Beef Chuck Near Me? A Place To Purchase In Case You Can’t Find It Locally!

As one of the primal cuts of beef, beef chuck is known for its versatility and affordability.

Due to this reason, many people prefer using this cut of beef for their daily family meals to provide essential nutrients and the specialized beefy flavor without breaking the bank.

Now let’s delve into this beef cut and figure out where you can buy the best beef chuck on the market.

What is beef chuck?

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The beef chuck is the upper part of the cow’s shoulder.

The chuck has a large amount of connective tissue that renders it perfect for braising, pot roasting, and slow cooking.

It can also be cut into cubes for kabobs or ground for hamburger meat.

There are many recipes available to use with this lean meat including chili, tacos, and stew among others.

The chuck cut can be bone-in or boneless, and the bone-in chuck steak is one of the more economical cuts of beef so keep in mind if you crave beef with a tight budget.

How many calories are in beef chuck?

Beef chuck will provide you with a medium number of calories.

In general, 100 grams of beef chuck contain 216 calories, of which 69.3 calories are from fat and the rest from 37.3 grams of protein.

However, an average serving portion of beef chuck is what you need for a single meal, and it will only offer 162 calories, which you can burn off by either 16 minutes running, 44 minutes walking, or 23 minutes bicycling.

Beef chuck is just a cut of beef, therefore, it is rich in iron and zinc, as well as other essential nutrients for our bodies such as calcium, magnesium, and B-vitamins.

How to choose the best beef chuck?

To make sure that your beef chuck dish will satisfy even the pickiest member of your family, you should pay attention to the selection process.

If you don’t know how to choose the best beef chuck? Here are our suggestions:

1. Touch and smell the beef chuck cut to check its freshness

The key factor to having the best beef chuck cut is it needs to be fresh.

No matter what the ratio of lean meat and fat is, the beef should be as fresh as possible to result in a fresh and naturally sweet flavor when cooked.

2. Consider small subprime cuts for specific dishes

As already mentioned, beef chuck is a large primal cut of beef and it can be divided into smaller subprime cuts in which each is more suitable for a specific dish.

Normally, half of the beef chuck cut will be used in roasting recipes, while the rest will be ground to make burgers.

3. Buy grass-fed beef chuck for a better taste and texture

Grass-fed beef is superior to its grain-fed counterpart.

The fact is the beef on the market is mostly grain-fed, and the small quantity of grass-fed beef will be more costly.

If you can afford grass-fed beef, then buy the chuck cut from this kind of organic beef for a better taste.

Where to buy beef chuck?

So now you know how amazing beef chuck is.

But if you crave some and want to buy this meat cut, where will you go? Here are the typical places where you can buy the best beef chuck:

1. Local butcher

You can find fresh cuts of beef chuck as well as other cuts in a local butcher shop.

However, since this is one of the primal cuts, beef chuck is not always in stock and sitting there waiting for you to come and take it, so you better hurry up to grab yourself the freshest cut of beef chuck.

Otherwise, you will have to buy the ground version instead, which is perfect to make hamburgers.

If possible, call the butcher ahead to ask them to save the best beef chuck cut for the next time.

2. Grocery store or supermarket

In a grocery store or supermarket, you might find fewer cuts of beef in the meat section because they are not a specialty meat producer but provide a variety of kinds of products.

Perhaps in a large chain supermarket like Walmart or Whole Foods, you can find more cuts of beef, including beef chuck.

3. Online

You can also order beef chuck online.

It can be the whole roast cut, the cube-size beef chuck for stewing, and the ground chuck for making burgers.

There will be different grades of beef for you to choose from with a difference in their prices.

Look for beef chuck on Amazon, eBay, or many websites of meat stores across the country.


Beef chuck is one of the most affordable cuts of beef on the market.

This cut can be used in plenty of dishes, making it an essential part of any healthy diet.

If you are looking for quality beef at a great price point, then look no further than your local butcher or grocery store meat counter for some high-quality beef chuck.