Where To Buy Bear Claws For Pulled Pork Near Me? A Place To Purchase In Case You Can’t Find It Locally!

Are you a fan of pulled pork sandwiches or tacos?

If so, you must have heard about bear claws for pulled pork.

In this article, we would like to delve into this interesting kitchen utensil and figure out what is special about it and where you can buy it out there.

For those who want to make pulled pork on their own from scratch, this will be very helpful.

What are bear claws for pulled pork?

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Bear claws are a tool to shred pork to make pulled pork.

They are also called pork pullers, wolf claws, or meat shredders.

As the name implies, this tool looks like the sharp claws of the bear, or wolf, making pulling pork never been easier like this.

The material to make bear claws is usually stainless steel which is heat resistant, but it can also be made from plastic.

It has a handy size and an ergonomic design to give users the best feeling when shredding meat, including pork, chicken, or beef.

Are bear claws for pulled pork expensive?

Meat Claws Meat Shredder for BBQ - Perfectly Shredded Meat, These Are...

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No, the price of the bear claws for pulled pork can vary depending on the brand, however, it is sold at a reasonable price in general.

Normally, two items will only cost around 10 dollars.

Due to the durable material, which is normally stainless steel, you can even use this kitchen utensil for the long term.

Eventually, it turns out to be a very economical product.

How to choose the best bear claws for pulled pork?

The best bear claws for pulled pork will be easy to use, time-saving, and durable.

To choose the best one among a vast majority out there, there are some things you should take a look at:

1.   Choose the bear claws from a reputable brand

It is recommended to purchase bear claws for pulled pork from a reputable brand, normally the one that is specialized for producing kitchen utensils in general.

Buying the higher-quality bear claws can give you a better experience while using them to make your pulled pork.

For example, the claws might be sharper and sturdy, making it possible to go through and shred the whole roast.

Additionally, the material is higher that allows this tool to stay with you longer.

2.   Consider size, design, and price

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These factors don’t refer to the quality of the product, but the comfort while using the bear claws instead.

So you will need to choose the suitable size and design of the pork pullers that work on your hands.

Men’s hands are usually bigger than women’s hands, therefore, it will be different in sizes when it comes to choosing bear claws for family members, for example.

This tool also comes in different designs.

Some might be easier to clean, while others are better to handle.

The price of the product is usually equivalent to its quality, so just consider your budget and purpose of using bear claws for pulled pork.

Where to buy bear claws for pulled pork?

Bear claws are available in many places.

No matter where you live, you can easily find some places that sell this tool at an affordable price.

1.   Grocery stores or supermarkets

Bear claws are usually sold in the kitchen utensil section of the grocery store or supermarket.

There might be different brands, sizes, and designs of bear claws for you to choose from on these shelves, so keep your eyes on them and pick your best one that you find suitable on all sides.

2.   Online

Meat Claws Meat Shredder for BBQ - Perfectly Shredded Meat, These Are...

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This product is easy to transport, therefore, it is not weird that the bear claws for pulled pork are sold a lot on online shopping platforms like Amazon, eBay, or the supermarkets that offer this shopping method.

You can search by other similar keywords (like pork pullers, or meat shredders) to approach more variants.

Don’t forget that it is crucial to read reviews before ordering online.

It is true with any product, including the bear claws for pulled pork.


Bear claws are an amazing invention that has helped us a lot in preparing foods.

Imagine a busy morning and you have to make breakfast for the whole family, and the bear claws appear as a lifesaver that reduces so much time cooking.

Within a few minutes, you can shred all the roasted or smoked pork to toss it into some slices of toast, with some cheese and sauce on top.

It is also easy to purchase beef claws in most grocery stores or supermarkets throughout the country, or you can order from many platforms nowadays.