5 Best Dishes To Serve With Pulled Pork Stuffed Potatoes

what to serve with pulled pork stuffed potatoes

Pulled pork stuffed potatoes are a perfect hearty dish for winter days.

They can be served as an appetizer or main dish and always guaranteed to please.

Although pulled pork stuffed potatoes are amazing on their own, isn’t it better to pair this dish with a tempting side dish to enjoy the whole meal without feeling bored?

Let’s find out the best sides that can be nicely served with pulled pork stuffed potatoes in this article.

What are pulled pork stuffed potatoes?

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Pulled pork stuffed potatoes are comfort food made from baked potatoes that are stuffed with pulled pork, shredded cheese, butter, salt, pepper, and BBQ sauce with a squeeze of lime juice over them.

The dish can be garnished per your preference to make it look more appealing with plenty of colors.

Chopped red onions, scallions, and sliced jalapenos will work well to sprinkle over the potatoes and decorate them.

The potatoes are baked with or without aluminum foil.

If you opt for the latter method, you can achieve crispy skin with a really good smell.

You will need to scoop out some bites of potato before stuffing with the filling from pork and other ingredients.

Make sure all the elements are warm when adding to the potatoes so that you can enjoy them warm immediately.

Don’t worry about the potato that you take out as you can use it to make mashed potatoes or gnocchi.

Pulled Pork Stuffed Potatoes are an amazing dish that will have your friends begging for more.

These potatoes will quickly become everyone’s favorite food.

The best part about this recipe is that it can be made in advance – perfect if you want something quick on game day or just want to spend time with family instead of in the kitchen.

5 best dishes to serve with pulled pork stuffed potatoes

In fact, pairing whatever dish with pulled pork stuffed potatoes will actually depend on your preference, as long as you feel this combination is great and satisfies your taste buds.

However, we would still like to suggest to you some ideas that are considered to be best when serving with pulled pork stuffed potatoes.

Let’s take a look:

1. Mexican street corn

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The classic Mexican street corn is perfect to pair with a pulled pork dish like stuffed potatoes.

The whole corn will be grilled and then slathered with mayonnaise, butter, chili powder, cayenne pepper, and salt.

It is ready to serve when the golden kernels are slightly charred and smell good.

The sweetness with a slight kick of spiciness from this street food will nicely balance with the savory taste from pulled pork stuffed baked potatoes.

2. Garlic knots

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As the name implies, this kind of bread is made from dough that is sliced and twisted to shape a knot.

The garlic butter with herbs such as parsley or oregano is the main character that creates the special flavor of the bread.

You can easily find the store-bought garlic knots or make them at home from scratch.

Serve one to two pieces of garlic knots with pulled pork stuffed potatoes that will make you feel like eating at a restaurant.

3. Baked beans

Baked beans are made from navy or great Northern beans which are cooked in the salt water and then seasoned with molasses, brown sugar, onions, garlic, and mustard seeds.

You can also add bacon for an extra flavor punch.

Baked beans go well with pulled pork because they both contain ingredients that complement each other well like vinegar and ketchup.

If you expect a healthier version, make your own pot of baked beans instead of the canned counterpart that is usually packed with a high content of sodium.

4. Leafy green salad

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For those who are looking for a side dish that can help them lighten their taste buds and stomach when eating pulled pork stuffed potatoes, it is best to serve this dish with a green salad and lemon dressing.

No need to sacrifice flavor for a healthy dish as you can achieve both in a plate of salad, which is made from spinach, kale, broccoli, and carrots.

Don’t forget to sprinkle some crushed almonds and some cranberries to add flavor and color to this super nutritious and tasty side.

5.  Steak

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Isn’t steak and potatoes a perfect match for a long time?

When it comes to baked potatoes, you will feel thankful for the presence of a good cut of steak.

The juicy and tender meat with a slightly crispy crust will satisfy anyone in your family.

There is no fixed recipe for a good steak, you can even make it with chicken breast, pork, or even fish to substitute beef if you want.

But since the baked potatoes are already loaded with some pulled pork, you better have a humble portion of steak to control the calorie intake.


We hope this article has given you some ideas for preparing side dishes to serve with your pulled pork stuffed potatoes.

From a savory dish, a sweet side for those who are fans of desserts to a light salad to ease your stomach, we have covered a variety of different sides that will complement these amazing meaty spuds nicely.

Which dish would you like to try?

Let us know in the comments below!

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