5 Best Dishes To Cook With Pulled Pork

what to cook with pulled pork

Do you know what to do with all that pork?

If you just made a huge batch of pulled pork and there are many leftovers after the meal, don’t panic because there are plenty of recipes that are waiting for your leftover pulled pork.

Check out this article and find the best thing to cook with your pulled pork to create a totally new and delicious dish from these simple and available ingredients.

What is pulled pork?

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Pulled pork is a Southern staple food.

It is typically made of pork shoulder meat that has been slow-cooked for hours with spices like paprika, cayenne pepper, and garlic powder.

The pork is then pulled apart by hand or two forks, hence the name, before serving.

Pulled pork is often tossed in a BBQ sauce, spicy vinegar-based sauce, or any kind of your favorite sauce.

The meat can also be served with its cooking liquid which is flavorful and smooth to keep the meat warm and tasty in every bite.

Pulled pork works well with a variety of dishes alongside, however, if you want something that will combine with pulled pork to create a complete single dish, the next section will help.

5 dishes that use pulled pork as an ingredient

In this part, you will find out the five best dishes that call for pulled pork and other ingredients so that your leftover pulled pork can turn into an enticing new dish.

1. Pulled pork enchiladas

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This classic Tex-Mex dish is a great way to make use of your leftover pulled pork.

Wrapping the shredded pork with black beans, corn kernels, and some spices in tortillas and topped with cheese and enchilada sauce.

The colorful enchiladas will not only look appealing but their flavorful taste will satisfy even the pickiest eater.

2. Macaroni and Cheese with pulled pork

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Who can say no to this winter comfort food?

We usually serve mac and cheese as an accompaniment to pulled pork, but what about combining them in one dish?

This macaroni and cheese with pulled pork will surely work.

Just simply cook the ingredients until tender and create a smooth mixture.

Consider pairing this dish with coleslaw or some kind of salad to lighten your taste bud.

3. Fresh pulled pork spring rolls

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If you expect something that is lighter for your stomach, this option will be ideal.

Simply combine the following ingredients for the filling. vermicelli noodles, pulled pork, and coleslaw or boiled cabbage.

You can choose to blanch the noodles or just serve them directly from the package.

Fill each rice wrapper with the aforementioned ingredients and gently roll to seal them inside.

Serve with mustard barbecue sauce to dip.

This easy-to-make dish is simple, refreshing, but still savory from the pulled pork and barbecue dipping sauce.

With this way of cooking, you can make your kids enjoy eating veggies in this healthy dish without getting bored.

4. Pulled pork pizza

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Now you don’t need to go to a pizzeria to order a pizza as you can make your own economically from leftover pulled pork.

There are many recipes for different kinds of pizza crusts so look for one that you love the most, top with pulled pork, tomato paste, shredded mozzarella, and cheddar cheese for the best buttery texture and flavor.

5.  Pork stew

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Making pork stew from pulled pork?

Doesn’t it make sense?

With the same kind of protein, you can save money on new cuts of pork and substitute with leftover pulled pork to make this dish.

Toss in chopped potatoes and veggies, flavor with rosemary, oregano, and other fresh herbs, you can create a delicious soup that is also nutritious for the whole family.

You can choose to stew this dish on the stovetop or in the slow cooker.

No matter what method you are going to stick with, it should be cooked for hours until the new pork cubes are tender.

After that, add the leftover pulled pork which is already cooked and tender, and cook for a few more minutes (like 10 or 15) so that all the flavors can penetrate into the meat.

To complete your meal for dinner, you can serve this dish with rice or bread on the side.


We have given you a few of the tried and true recipes to make with pulled pork.

You can be surprised at a variety of options and how delicious these dishes are with just leftover pulled pork.

Which one do you think will satisfy your taste buds the most?

Let us know in the comment below!

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