Vietnamese Food Vs. Russian Food: What Makes Vietnamese Food Special?

Vietnamese food is very different from Russian food.

But how different are they? Let’s figure it out in this article and see if your taste buds prefer Vietnamese food or Russian food.

What is special about Russian food?

Russian food is not really popular in the world compared to other well-known cuisines like Mexican, Greek, or Italian cuisines.

However, they have a lot to offer different kinds of taste buds.

Russians enjoy soups, stews, pancakes, and dumplings with various combinations of ingredients from meat, seafood, to vegetables.

Cabbage, carrots, onions, and potatoes are typically used in most dishes.

They also use a lot of dairy products like butter, sour cream, or cheese in their cooking.

Meat is often ground or chopped to make the filling of dumplings, while fish is fried, boiled, or made soups.

Despite the harsh cold weather, Russians don’t prefer spicy food because there are not many pungent species in this region, including parsley, chervil, tarragon, dill, and garlic.

They eat foods that can keep the temperature well like soups or stews during the winter instead.

What is special about Vietnamese food?

Vietnam is a Southeast Asian country with a rich history.

Vietnamese cuisine is a unique blend of Chinese, French, Japanese, and Thai cuisines.

Their dishes are usually prepared with fresh ingredients, spices, and herbs, making them one of the healthiest foods in the world.

Rice and noodles are two staples in Vietnamese cuisine.

These ingredients can be cooked in numerous ways to serve with other savory dishes that are meat from different kinds of meat, seafood, freshwater fish, and vegetables.

Vietnamese people use fish sauce, soy sauce, oyster sauce, and shrimp paste, with spices like onion, garlic, ginger, cinnamon, or pepper to flavor their dishes.

They also use a lot of fresh herbs to eat with noodle soups, steamed dishes, or spring rolls.

Vietnamese food is often made from simple ingredients that are locally sourced.

The cooking method is not fancy as well, but how they combine the flavors results in delicious dishes with a balanced and flavorful taste that is easy to eat.

What are the differences between Russian food vs Vietnamese food?

There are some key differences between Russian food and Vietnamese food that we have taken a look at and explained below:

Russian cuisine uses a lot of dairy products, which are not featured in Vietnamese cuisine

One special characteristic of Russian food is its use of dairy products.

Most dishes from savory to sweet call for a lot of dairy products, especially butter and sour cream.

Meanwhile, dairy products are not included in traditional Vietnamese cuisine.

In Vietnam, only some baking recipes or foreign dishes that are adopted from other cuisines contain dairy products.


Vietnamese food uses more spices and herbs than Russian foods

Another difference between the two cuisines is the flavor.

Vietnamese people use more condiments that are native to this country or other Asian countries, including fish sauce, shrimp paste, soy sauce, and oyster sauce, providing their dishes with a fragrant and pungent flavor.

On the other hand, Russia is a very cold country so they don’t have many spices and herbs.

The taste mainly comes from the ingredients and dairy products.

Rice and noodles are staples in Vietnamese cuisine, while cereal and pancakes

In Vietnam, rice plays an important role in indigenous cooking.

Rice can be cooked without any spice or ingredient except for water to serve with other savory dishes in the meal.

Rice flour is used to make noodles, which are often cooked with a broth and served with sliced meat.

Meanwhile, Russians eat different kinds of cereal like oat, barley, millet, or buckwheat.

These ingredients can be used to make porridge, pancakes, or dumplings.

The two cuisines differ in their popular cooking methods

Vietnamese cuisine and Russian cuisine also feature different cooking methods.

In Russia, foods are often roasted, baked, or stewed, while Vietnamese ingredients are boiled, stir-fried, fried, or steamed.

Vietnamese eat by chopsticks, while Russians eat with forks and knives

The ways people from each country eat their food also differ from each other.

In Vietnam, chopsticks are typically used to grab foods, spoons can be used to eat soups, stews, or porridge.

Meanwhile, Russian cuisine presents the standard European way of eating, with a fork and a knife.

What are the similarities between Russian food vs Vietnamese food?

Despite many differences between Russian food and Vietnamese food, these two cuisines also share some features in common:

Vietnamese food and Russian food are diverse with ingredients from different food groups

Both have diverse cuisines that might vary from region to region.

Their dishes can be made from any kind of ingredients, such as meat, seafood, vegetables, grains, and fruits.

With a slight difference in how the ingredients are combined, there are countless dishes that can be found in Vietnamese and Russian cuisines.

Dumplings can be found in both cuisines

Russians and Vietnamese both enjoy dumplings.

Although the dumplings of each cuisine are different in shapes, sizes, and flavors, they are favored by people of all ages.

Which one is better?

The exact answer for the question of which cuisine is better between Vietnamese food and Russian food will depend on personal preference.

Therefore, we will let you decide for yourself which kind of food sounds more appealing to you.

It will be best to give both Vietnamese food and Russian food a try so that you will know what works better on your palate.