Vietnamese Food Vs. Mexican Food: Which One Is Healthier?

You might think Mexican food is the best, but Vietnamese food is not inferior.

To learn more about these two cuisines that are considered the healthiest in the world, keep reading our article.

You will also be enlightened with the easy-to-understand comparison of Mexican food and Vietnamese food to choose the winner.

What is special about Mexican food?

Mexico is a Latin country known for its rich and diverse culture.

One of the many things that make Mexican food so special is how it incorporates different ingredients from their indigenous and other cultures to create new flavors and dishes.

Mexican food is always made from fresh ingredients.

The cuisine features red meat like beef, pork, or lamb; poultry like chicken and turkey; and different kinds of fresh seafood in coastal areas.

Meat is often grilled or roasted for pulling recipes, or stewed with vegetables; while seafood can be eaten raw with citrus juice (ceviche), or to make soups.

Corn and beans are the two most popular carb options in this cuisine.

Corn can be found anywhere in Mexico, with famous dishes like corn tortillas, grilled Mexican street corn, corn salads, or stews.

Beans are often slow-cooked until tender to serve with other savory ingredients or mix in salad recipes.

In general, Mexican food is spicy with its use of a lot of chili peppers.

This spice can be used in different forms, from fresh to dried, powder, or paste, to marinate, season, or make sauces.

Chilies also add vibrant color to Mexican dishes, making them look appealing that no one can resist.

What is special about Vietnamese food?

If you are looking for something different, new, and exciting to try out in your kitchen or when dining out, then Vietnamese food may be the answer.

Vietnamese cuisine is one of the most popular ethnic cuisines in many parts of Asia, Europe, or America.

Besides the indigenous culture, it has a distinctive mix of French influences due to colonization by France during World War II.

Vietnamese cuisine varies from region to region, including the north, middle, and south.

For example, northern Vietnamese food is spicier and is more similar to Chinese cuisine because Vietnam shares the northern border with China.

Meanwhile, food from the middle and the south is sweeter.

However, in general, Vietnamese food is always made from fresh ingredients rather than frozen or processed food.

Indigenous people have a habit of shopping in local markets in the early morning so that they can buy the freshest ingredients for their cooking.

Vietnamese food features a lot of fresh herbs like Thai basil, culantro, coriander, fish mint, peppermint, or Vietnamese perilla.

They often use fish sauce to season their food, with spices like garlic, ginger, lemongrass, chili pepper, soy sauce, sugar, and citrus juice.

Rice and noodles are staples throughout the country.

They can be served in every meal to eat with other savory dishes.

Banh mi, which is prized for being one of the most delicious street foods in the world, is often served as a snack or breakfast with a variety of filling options.

What are the differences between Mexican food vs Vietnamese food?

There are many differences between Mexican food and Vietnamese food because of their completely different origins and influences:

Mexican food is often stronger in flavor and spicier, while some Vietnamese dishes are bland

In general, Mexican food is spicier and has a bolder flavor profile than Vietnamese food.

Mexicans use different pungent spices and dried herbs to marinate and season their food, which gives their dishes a complex and flavorful taste.

Meanwhile, many Vietnamese foods aren’t marinated or seasoned, like in boiling or steaming recipes because they are likely to serve these dishes with a dipping sauce (like fish sauce or soy sauce).

Mexican food is served with corn tortillas, while Vietnamese food is served with rice and noodles

The first difference between Mexican food and Vietnamese food is their carb option.

Corn is a staple in Mexican cuisine, and corn tortillas are one of the most popular dishes that are made from this ingredient.

Corn tortillas can be eaten along with other savory dishes, or wrap over meat and vegetables to serve as tacos or burritos.

On the other hand, rice and noodles play an important role in Vietnamese cuisine.

They can be eaten at any meal of the day.

Rice and noodles are cooked in numerous ways, with rice being steamed to enjoy with other savory dishes, while noodles are cooked in soups.

Mexican food is heavier on spices and dried herbs, while Vietnamese food features a lot of fresh herbs

Mexican food is cooked with various spices and dried herbs like cumin, garlic powder, onion powder, coriander, oregano, chili powder, and paprika to name a few.

Meanwhile, Vietnamese food is famous for its use of many fresh herbs like culantro, Thai basil, peppermint, Vietnamese perilla, fish mint, or Vietnamese cilantro.

These herbs are often eaten raw with meat, seafood, or noodle dishes, or can be used to garnish.

Mexicans cook with dairy products like cheese, while traditional Vietnamese food doesn’t this ingredient

Another difference between the two cuisines is that Mexicans use cheese in many recipes while Vietnamese don’t.

Cheese is very popular in traditional recipes like enchiladas or queso.

Meanwhile, in Vietnam, they don’t use dairy products in their cooking.

In some recipes, Vietnamese use coconut milk instead for a creamy texture and flavor.

Vietnamese cooking methods are more diverse

The popular cooking methods in Mexican cuisine are grilling and stewing.

On the other hand, Vietnamese cook their food by boiling, steaming, stir-frying, frying, grilling, stewing and braising.

Mexicans eat their food by hands, spoons, or forks, while Vietnamese mainly use chopsticks

How Mexican and Vietnamese people eat their food are also different from each other.

In Vietnam, chopsticks are the main utensil like in many other Asian cuisines.

Meanwhile, Mexican cuisine has many finger foods like tacos, burritos, or corn tortillas chips, so they tend to eat their food by hand.

Soups and stews are eaten by spoons, and salads are often eaten with forks.

What are the similarities between Mexican food vs Vietnamese food?

Despite numerous key differences between Mexican food and Vietnamese food, there are also some similarities between them:

Mexican food and Vietnamese food are made from fresh ingredients

Dishes from Mexico and Vietnam are always made from fresh ingredients.

You won’t find things like canned stock, canned meat, or canned fish in the traditional and daily meals of these cuisines.

Almost all the ingredients are fresh and locally sourced, making them healthier choices than many other cuisines that feature processed and canned foods.

They have diverse cuisines that vary from region to region

Both cuisines are diverse with countless dishes that are made from different ingredients, from meat to seafood or vegetables and fruits.

There are also slight differences in the cuisines of each region in the country, so there is a lot to explore when it comes to Mexican cuisine or Vietnamese cuisine.

Which one is better?

In the end, there is no clear answer to the question of which cuisine is better between Mexican food and Vietnamese food because they are both delicious and healthy.  Thanks to the obvious differences between these two cuisines that can satisfy different kinds of taste buds, it will be easier to choose a favorite.

Will you opt for Vietnamese food or Mexican food next time dining out?

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