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Vegetarian Substitutes For Pork Rinds: What Is A Vegan Replacement For Pork Rinds?

Pork rinds are a staple in a keto diet, but it is also a favorite snack of anyone who doesn’t follow any special diet.

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However, if you are a vegan, you would love to know if there is a vegan-friendly substitute for this ingredient.

Let’s learn more about pork rinds and figure out if you can replace your favorite fried pork skin with other meatless options.

What are pork rinds?

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Pork rinds are a by-product of the process that is used to make bacon.

They are made from the skin of the pig that has been boiled in lard, then fried until crispy, dried out, and crushed into small pieces.

Pork rinds are a versatile product that can be used in different recipes.

For example, you can enjoy pork rinds as a delicious snack, use them to top your salads for a crunchy texture, or ground pork rinds can be used as breadcrumbs for breading.

Unlike other snacks, pork rinds are actually a healthy option because they are high in protein, high in fat, and low in carb.

This is why pork rinds are an ideal part of any keto diet.

The fat found in pork rinds is similar to fatty acids in olive oil or avocado.

They also provide a rich source of collagen that is helpful to our joint and skin health.

Pork rinds can be made at home or bought from any grocery store.

The store-bought version is often packed with more sodium and certain preservatives, so if you have time, make a batch of pork rinds sometimes to treat your family with a delicious and healthy snack.

Can you substitute pork rinds with vegan alternatives in cooking recipes?

Yes, pork rinds can be substituted with other products that are more vegan-friendly if you want to cut down the animal protein intake.

There are many options that are available on the market or can be easily made at home, so if you crave some snacks, you can have some in minutes.

What vegan substitutes can you use in place of pork rinds?

Now, let’s figure out what vegan ingredients or products will greatly work as a replacement for pork rinds:

1.    Potato chips

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Pork rinds are often compared to potato chips due to the same crispy texture.

Potato chips are thinly sliced potatoes that are deep-fried in hot oil until they are very crispy.

You can season potato chips with whatever you like salt, pepper, garlic powder, or cayenne pepper.

Potato chips are available in any grocery store or supermarket, but making them at home will be great.

2.    Soy curls

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Soy curls are another vegan substitute for pork rinds that everyone will love.

Soy curls are made from non-GMO soybeans without using any preservatives and additives.

However, they are not ideal for those who have soy allergies.

You can fry soy curls until they are crispy and season them with your favorite powdered spices to make them taste more flavorful.

3.    Fried rice paper

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Fried rice paper is mostly consumed as a vegan snack in place of pork rinds.

Rice paper is especially popular in Asian markets or grocery stores.

You just need to slice it into bite-sized pieces and deep-fry them until they are crispy.

Since rice paper is already cooked and very thin, it just takes seconds to have a snack from this vegan ingredient.

4.    Cereal

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Cereal can act as a vegan substitute for pork rinds for different purposes.

It can be a snack, a meal, or for breading.

Cereal comes in different sizes, shapes, and flavors.

Typically, cereal is eaten with milk for a quick and nutritious breakfast or brunch.

5.    Crushed nuts

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A healthier option to substitute for pork rinds is crushed nuts.

You can use one kind or a mixture of different nuts.

Some common types of nuts are almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, or peanuts.

Normally, most nuts sold on the market can be eaten directly, so just crush them per your desired size and serve as a snack or top salads.

Nuts are packed with many health benefits and they have a rich flavor that lingers on your tongue.

However, this ingredient is also a bit more expensive than most other vegan pork rind substitutes.

6.    Store-bought vegan pork rinds

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If you are looking for a straightforward way to substitute regular pork rinds with a vegan ingredient, then just use vegan pork rinds instead.

Vegan pork rinds can be found in some grocery stores or supermarkets in the country.

They are often made from pea protein and rice meal with other seasonings to make them more savory and flavorful.

The bottom line

Who doesn’t love pork rinds?

However, with our aforementioned vegan substitutes for pork rinds, you can still enjoy the tasty flavor and crunchy texture without breaking your vegan diet.

Now you don’t have to give up on your favorite snack because there are many vegan-friendly substitutes for pork rinds from potato chips to fried rice paper or crushed nuts.

Which one of these options would you rather try?

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