These 7 Vegetarian Chicken Bouillon Alternatives That Are Healthy And Tasty Too!

vegetarian chicken bouillon substitute

Soups are one of many people’s favorites, but sometimes it can be difficult to what kind of flavor profile to add.

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It can also be hard if you’re vegetarian and don’t eat chicken broth or meat in general, so you often need some replacements for that too!

This blog post will share some options for substitutes for chicken bouillon that you can use in your cooking.

What is chicken bouillon?

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Chicken bouillon is a type of broth that has been reduced to create a savory flavor.

It can be used in cooking or as an ingredient for soup, sauces, and other dishes.  

If you like cooking at home or preparing soups, then you may want to use chicken bouillon in your recipes.

Chicken bouillon is the seasoning that gives the dish its tasty flavor while also providing additional nutrients such as protein and minerals without adding any calories or fat to your food!

You’ll find many different types of chicken bouillon on store shelves including low sodium versions so check out which one suits your needs best!

Can you apply a vegetarian substitute for chicken bouillon in the cooking recipe?

The answer to this question is yes, you can use a vegetarian substitute for chicken bouillon in a cooking recipe.

Vegetarian substitute is made from vegetable extracts and has no animal products or byproducts.

The most popular brands of vegetarian chicken bouillon are Powdered Organic Chicken Bouillon, Better Than Boullion No Chicken Base, and Rapunzel Vegan Seasoning.

These three brands offer a variety of flavors that include beef stock, mushroom stock, vegetable broth, etc., in order to be able to cook any type of dish without having to worry about the flavor being too strong or not intense enough.

All these substitutes are available at major grocery stores such as Whole Foods Market and Wegmans Food Markets nationwide!

What are the vegetarian substitutes that you can use to replace chicken bouillon?

There are many different types of vegetarian substitutes that you can use in place of chicken bouillon, but they all have slightly different flavors; some may be better for your dish than others.

Find out more about these substitutes and what they’re best used for in this blog post!

1. Vegetarian bouillon cubes

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You could also try vegetable bullion cubes in your soup or other dishes where they would add extra flavor without meat to it, but if neither is available then just leave them out altogether and enjoy how much healthier this will make your meal taste!

2. Vegetarian chicken soup mix

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The vegetarian substitutes that are available to replace chicken bouillon can be found in the form of soup mix.

These special blends create a broth without any animal products.

3. Vegetarian broth powder

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If you’re looking for a vegetarian substitute that will provide the same level of flavor, Bouillon is your go-to. But if more natural ingredients are preferred then there’s vegan broth powder available!

4. Miso paste

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There are a number of vegetarian substitutes for chicken bouillon, including miso paste.

Miso is made from fermented soybeans and has an earthy flavor that tones down the gaminess associated with other common seasonings like onion powder or garlic salt when cooking rice near meat dishes without any traceable ingredients to be found in them at all!

5. Dried mushrooms 

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Dried mushrooms are a great substitute for the bouillon that comes in packets, but you have to be careful about how much of them and how often.

One cup can replace up to two tablespoons with no ill effects on taste or nutrition!

6. Soy sauce

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Soy sauce is a great substitute for chicken bouillon.

You can also use arrowroot or other types of vegetables in place to get your desired broth flavor, such as tomatoes!

7. Onion soup mix

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If your dish calls for chicken bouillon, you can use onion soup mix instead. It has a similar flavor and creates the same broth-like consistency when mixed with water or milk!


This blog post has shown some options for substitutes for chicken bouillon that you can use in your cooking.

Hopefully, this post is useful to you and helps make your life easier as well as makes your kitchen a little bit more flavorful!