Vegan Beef Short Ribs Substitute: How To Make The Vegan Beef Short Ribs Look Like The Real Ones?

vegan beef short ribs substitute

While the boneless short ribs are so meaty, the real beef short ribs are much more flavorful thanks to the presence of the bones.

However, if you have a diet restriction with beef but don’t want to give up this mouth-watering dish, we will introduce you to the best vegan substitutes for beef short ribs and how to make them look like real meat.

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What are beef short ribs?

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Beef short ribs are actually the rib cuts that can come from different cuts of the cow, such as the chuck, brisket, plate, or rib section.

Typically, beef short ribs come with rib bones covered by meat.

Beef short ribs vary in thickness and size because they can come from different cuts or depending on the butcher.

Short ribs are perfect for slow-cooking methods so that they can reach the fall-off-the-bone texture.

Normally, beef short ribs can be barbecued, smoked, roasted, or braised.

The resulting dish always has an appealing look with beautiful caramel color, viscous, and tender texture.

It can be served as an appetizer or the main course with salads, mashed potatoes, roasted vegetables, or mac and cheese per personal preference.

Beef short ribs are much more flavorful than boneless beef short ribs which are actually a meaty cut from the chuck.

The reason is the bones add more flavor to this cut and also make it more expensive.

Can you substitute beef short ribs with vegan alternatives in cooking recipes?

You may be wondering if beef short ribs can be substituted with other vegan alternatives in your cooking or not.

Well, it is possible, but to make sure that the replacement looks exactly like real short ribs and has a similar consistency, it will require a bit more effort compared to replicating boneless short ribs.

In terms of flavor, it is almost impossible to make a completely vegan ingredient taste like real meat unless you use beef extract flavor.

But you can easily season it with what you have been using when cooking with real beef and basically, the resulting dish will partially taste like beef short ribs at first bite.

What can you use to substitute for the meat in beef short ribs?

So beef short ribs are made of two parts, the meat, and the bones.

This section will point out what vegan ingredients you can use to substitute for the meat part, and then we jump into the bone portion.

1. Seitan

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Seitan is a great meatless option to substitute for beef or any other kind of meat like pork or chicken.

It is made from vital wheat gluten and has a chunky texture of real meat.

Seitan has a neutral flavor so it easily absorbs whatever you marinate or season it with, like liquid smoke or anything that can make it taste like beef short ribs.

2. Jackfruit

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Jackfruit is another vegan substitute that can greatly replace meat.

Jackfruit is a kind of fruit that is native to tropical regions like Asia or South America.

It has a meaty texture that can be easily shredded.

However, you might want to make it softer and combine it with other ingredients like water and flour to form a dough-like texture.

After that, you can form it into a short rib shape and wrap it over the vegan bones if desired.

3. Tempeh

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Tempeh is a soy-based product that can be found in most grocery stores or vegan stores.

It has been used to make vegan meat for a long time.

Compared to other soy-based products like tofu, tempeh has a meatier texture and is more nutritious.

4. Lentils

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Lentils like beans and peas are another option to substitute for beef short ribs.

These ingredients are a rich source of protein and fiber.

Beans and peas should be simmered and baked until tender so that they can be easily mashed into a paste and form the short ribs.

What can you use to substitute for the bones in beef short ribs?

1. Coconut chunks

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One of the main differences between boneless short ribs and beef short ribs is the bones.

Therefore, if you expect to resemble real beef short ribs, it is essential to look for a vegan substitute for the bones.

Coconut flesh is often used to mimic animal bones as it is crunchy and edible.

You should look for old and dried coconuts so that the flesh will be tough and crunchy instead of the soft type from young coconuts.

2. Bamboo stick

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Another meatless substitute for the bones from beef short ribs is the bamboo stick.

One thing to keep in mind is that bamboo sticks are inedible, so they are just used to complete the appearance of real beef short ribs with a meat layer over the bones.

3. Cinnamon stick

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As long as you have a bone-like ingredient, you can use it to resemble the bones from beef short ribs.

Cinnamon sticks should be soaked in lukewarm water to ease the spicy flavor before cooking.

The bottom line

Even if you’re a meat-lover or a vegetarian, you can’t resist the rich flavor of the aforementioned vegan beef short ribs.

These options are also more affordable and better for your health as well as the environment.

Try out our vegan beef short ribs substitutes to figure out what you favor the most.

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