Top 6 Common Vegan Beef Bouillon Alternatives

vegan beef bouillon substitute

Have you ever thought about what is in your beef bouillon?

If you’re vegan, or just want to eat healthier, this can be a difficult question.

Most of the time it’s made with animal products like beef and chicken broth.

But luckily there are some substitutes for this product that will allow you to cook an amazing dish without having any meat!

The following post will go over some vegan alternatives that we recommend using.

What is vegan beef bouillon?

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A vegan beef bouillon is a vegetarian, gluten-free substitute for the traditional beef broth that has long been used as an ingredient in soups and other dishes.

It contains no animal products and still provides the same flavor as traditional, non-vegetarian versions.

Vegan bouillon comes in both dry and liquid forms, but it’s recommended to use the liquid version for its convenience.

The ingredients of vegan bouillon vary from brand to brand, but they always contain soy sauce or tamari, mushrooms (either dried or fresh), water, salt, and other spices such as garlic powder or onion powder.

Can you substitute vegan beef bouillon in the cooking recipe?

Yes, you can substitute vegan beef bouillon in cooking recipes.

Vegan beef bouillon is made from a variety of ingredients such as wheat gluten and spices that are meat-free and animal-friendly.

It’s an excellent alternative for those who want to avoid eating animals or don’t consume any type of meat product.

What can you substitute for vegan beef bouillon?

If you’re a vegan or simply trying to cut back on animal products, it may be difficult to find recipes that replicate the flavor of beef bouillon.

This post will touch on some substitutes for vegan beef bouillon in your favorite dishes.

1. Vegetable bouillon cubes

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If you’re looking for a meat substitute in your vegan kitchen, then be sure to check out these awesome vegetable bouillon cubes.

They’ll work as well and sometimes better than traditional beef ones!

2. Dried mushrooms

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Dried mushrooms are a great substitute for the bouillon that comes with vegan cooking.

They can be added in place of chicken or beef stock when making soup and give off an earthy flavor not found elsewhere on your grocery list!

3. Carrots, celery, and onions 

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If you’re looking for a replacement beef bouillon, try using veggie stock.

Carrots, celery, and onions can all be used in place of the traditional flavors found on your grocery store’s shelves!

4. Soy sauce or tamari

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One of the most common substitutes for vegan beef bouillon is soy sauce or tamari, but these options won’t have as strong an aroma.

However, they still provide a salty taste to your foods!

5. Tomato paste or tomato sauce 

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A tomato sauce or paste can substitute for vegan beef bouillon.

This is an easy way to make your soup without the use of animal products, so it’s a great option if you’re looking for meatless meals!

6. Water or vegetable broth

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For those that are looking for a quick and easy meal, adding some vegan beef bouillon can be super helpful.

The substitute of water or vegetable broth with salt will result in flavorful dishes without sacrificing any flavor due to the lack of meat/beef!


Veganism is trending more and more each day.

There are many great vegan alternatives to beef bouillon that you can use in your cooking.

We hope this blog post has been helpful and we wish you all the best on your journey of becoming a vegetarian!