Turkey Ham Vs Pork Ham: What’s The Difference?

When you’re planning your Thanksgiving meal, there are many decisions to be made.

But what if the whole family is getting bored with roasted turkey?

So why not turn your bird into something more interesting, like ham?

If you are wondering what are the differences between turkey ham and traditional pork ham, this post will help.

What is turkey ham?

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Ham is popular meat that can be eaten at any time of the day.

It is generally made from pork, but it’s not just limited to pigs.

Turkey ham is a version of ham that includes turkey as an ingredient and has the same texture as ordinary ham.

It’s made from cooked or cured turkey, mostly the leaner parts such as thigh or breast, which has less fat and calories than regular pork or beef but still provides flavor and texture.

This makes for an excellent alternative to those who want something healthier in their diet without sacrificing taste.

You can make turkey ham by yourself, at home, or buy the store-bought processed ham at any grocery.

What is pork ham?

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Pork ham is processed meat made from pork (normally the leg cut).

It can come in various flavors and shapes, but typically, it is cured and smoked before being packaged.

Historically, people would prepare it