Tomato Sauce Vs Ketchup: What’s The Difference?

People are often surprised that I don’t like ketchup, but the truth is that I’m not a fan of processed foods in general.

For example, I try to eat out at restaurants as seldom as possible (I cook 99% of my meals at home) and almost never eat fast food.

You might think this means I’m healthy, but it’s actually because I have a sensitive stomach.

So when it comes to condiments, why would I choose ketchup over homemade tomato sauce?

Here’s why:

What is special about tomato sauce?

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Tomato sauce is a very versatile ingredient to have in your kitchen.

It’s great for pasta, pizza, and even eggs.

It also makes a simple sandwich more exciting!

Tomato sauce is a little thinner than ketchup and has more sweetness to it.

This makes it ideal for using on pizzas and other dishes that can handle a little more tanginess than what you might find in ketchup.

The main difference between tomato sauce and ketchup comes down to cost: tomato sauce costs much more than ketchup because of the amount of tomatoes used in its production; hence why you’ll usually see it sold by the jar rather than by the bottle like with most condiments (think mustard).

What is special about ketchup?

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Ketchup is a condiment that is used to add flavor to many different dishes.

It can also be used as a dip for french fries, hamburgers and hot dogs.

Tomato ketchup is a sweet sauce made from tomatoes that have been cooked with vinegar, spices and sugar.

It’s thickened with corn starch so it sticks to foods better than regular tomato sauce would.

While the two sauces are similar in their uses and ingredients (tomatoes, vinegar, sugar and spices), they taste very different from each other due to the amount of sugar added during processing which makes ketchup sweeter than tomato sauce

Tomato sauce vs ketchup: What’s the similarity?

There are a lot of similarities between tomato sauce and ketchup.

Both are made from tomatoes, which is why they have similar flavors.

Both can be used as a condiment, a sauce or base for other sauces.

Both tomato sauce and ketchup have been around for centuries, so you’ll find them in many dishes from different cultures all over the world.

They’re also versatile enough to be used in meat preparations like steak tartare or chicken piccata; pasta dishes