The 5 Best Side Dishes To Make Your Next BBQ A Total Success

thai chicken side dish

Thai food is a blend of flavors, and Thai chicken is one of the favorite dishes in this Asian country.

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If you are trying to decide what to serve with your Thai chicken, this article is for you.

The following ideas will help your next meal taste more Thai with roasted chicken as the main star and other delicious side dishes around it.

What is Thai chicken?

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Thai chicken is a popular and delicious dish that originated in Thai cuisine.

Different cuts of chicken can be used in this recipe, from a healthier cut like chicken breast to a more flavorful but fattier cut like chicken thighs.

However, in general, the skin is intact so that you can achieve a beautiful caramelized golden color when cooked.

What makes Thai chicken special lies in the sweet, sour, and spicy sauce.

Thai chicken sauce is typically made of chili sauce, soy sauce, fish sauce, garlic, ginger, lime juice, and Sriracha (a kind of hot sauce in Thai cuisine).

Chicken, after being marinated with the sauce, can be either baked or roasted in the oven or cooked on the grill until the resulting dish is sticky and golden on the outside while the meat inside is tender, juicy, and tangy.

What to consider when choosing a Thai chicken’s side dish?

Thai chicken is perfect for any occasion, from a regular daily meal to a special gathering.

However, you must have wondered how to choose a good side dish to serve with Thai chicken so that your meal can look and taste more hearty.

Don’t worry, the following tips can help you choose the right ones to pair with your Thai-style chicken and wow the whole family:

Thai chicken is best to be served with a starchy side dish

In Thai cuisine as well as many other Asian cuisines, a savory dish is often served with a starchy dish such as rice or noodles on the side.

The starchy texture makes it easier to absorb the delicious sauce from Thai chicken and also helps fill your empty stomach.

It is also a good choice to pair Thai chicken with a vegetable side dish

In order to have a well-balanced meal, it is important that you have protein from meat and vitamins and minerals from vegetables on either side of the plate.

Therefore, vegetables can be a great choice to serve with your Thai chicken for added nutrients.

The refreshing taste of vegetables can also even make your dish easier to eat and balanced.

5 best side dishes to serve with Thai chicken

Here are the best side dishes to serve with your Thai chicken and make your meal taste like you are eating authentic dishes from a restaurant in Thailand.

1.     Coconut rice

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Thailand is a tropical climate country, so it has a rich source of coconut and coconut products.

Coconut rice is a popular dish in this Asian country, and it works well with many savory dishes, including sweet and sour Thai chicken.

The slightly sweet and rich taste of coconut rice pairs perfectly with the savory taste of grilled chicken.

2.     Green papaya salad

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Another popular choice of side dishes in Thai cuisine is green papaya salad.

Papaya is also a common tropical fruit in this country, so it is easy to find this recipe in many Thai meals.

Green papaya doesn’t taste like its ripe counterpart.

It is crunchy, a bit sour and sweet, and is perfect for a salad recipe.

The contrast in the flavor of this light dish is a great addition to your Thai chicken.

3.     Noodles

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Another starchy side dish that works well with Thai chicken is noodles.

If you are not a fan of rice because it is quite heavy for you, then try noodles instead.

Noodles are a common side in Asian cuisine, and they can be made from rice flour or wheat flour, which is similar to pasta in Western cuisine.

You can simply boil noodles and toss them in the Thai chicken sauce to have a flavorful side dish to enjoy with Thai chicken in minutes.

4.     Spring rolls

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Spring rolls can also be a good candidate to pair with Thai chicken.

There are many recipes for spring rolls, from fresh ones to deep-fried ones, but they typically include fresh herbs, and vegetables, with meat or seafood. 

Just opt for your favorite ingredients and cooking methods for the best spring rolls to accompany Thai chicken.

5.     Soup

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You can try serving Thai chicken with a bowl of hot soup.

A good soup can literally warm up your body with essential nutrients.

It makes your meal more nutritious and hearty.

A noodle soup is a type of soup that also includes noodles to keep you fuller, but you can opt for meat, seafood, or vegan soup too.

The bottom line

Thai food might be new to your taste buds, but Thai chicken is sure to please even the pickiest eater.

This article has provided you with the five best side dish ideas to accompany Thai chicken so your next meal will be as hearty and delicious as possible.

If you need more guidance on how to make a good meal with many other delicacies in the world, don’t forget to reach us more frequently and keep yourself updated with our useful information.

Anyway, good luck with your next Thai chicken!