Tex-mex Food Vs Chinese Food: What Makes Tex-mex Different?

Are you trying to decide what to have for dinner? Why not try Tex-Mex or Chinese food? Both of these cuisines are popular for some reasons, which will be explained in this post.

Keep reading and see how Tex-Mex food and Chinese food differ from each other and are worth trying.

What is special about Tex-Mex food?

Tex-Mex cuisine is a uniquely flavorful melding of Mexican and American cooking styles, especially from Texas (hence the name Tex-Mex), and it’s something that everyone should experience at least once.

This hybrid cuisine has become wildly popular all over the world.

Whether you’re sampling enchiladas for the first time or indulging in a classic Tex-Mex dish like chili con carne, there’s no doubt that you’ll be hooked on the flavors.

Tex-Mex dishes are typically made with ingredients like chili peppers, cumin, corn tortillas, cheese, and sour cream.

The dishes always show up colorful with vibrant colors and a flavorful taste.

What is special about Chinese food?

Chinese food is one of the most famous cuisines in the world.

Chinese food varies from region to region, while some have a mild flavor like Cantonese food, others are reputed for being very spicy like Sichuan food.

This Asian cuisine makes use of a lot of vegan ingredients like grains, nuts, vegetables, and soy-based products, making its food very healthy.

The main cooking methods in Chinese cuisIne are stir-frying, boiling, and steaming rather than cooking in the oven like most Europeans and Americans usually do.

Chinese cuisine has numerous delicious and well-known recipes like General Tso, sweet and sour pork, Mongolian beef, dumplings, and Beijing Peking duck.

What are the differences between Tex-Mex food vs Chinese food?

When it comes to comparing Tex-Mex food and Chinese food, there are many things to take a deeper look at, as listed below:

Tex-Mex food and Chinese food have different origins

Tex-Mex food is a combination of Mexican food and Texas (America) food.

It is commonly eaten in Texas and many other regions of the United States as well as other countries in the world.

Chinese food, on the other, comes from China, a country in East Asia.

Chinese cuisine is one of the largest cuisines in the world and it has influenced many food cultures all over the world, from Asia to the West.

So with this obvious difference between the origins of Tex-Mex food and Chinese food, it is easy to understand that this has led to many other differences between these two cuisines.

Tex-Mex food is often served with beans and corn tortillas, while Chinese food is typically served with rice, noodles, and dumplings

Tex-Mex food is typically served with beans and corn products.

They make use of lentils, especially beans and peas, and there are also many corn products in this cuisine, with recipes including whole corn, corn kernels, or corn tortillas.

Chinese food is often served with grain-based dishes like steamed or fried rice, rice noodles, and dumplings.

These dishes appear in most daily meals of the Chinese across the country.

Tex-Mex food is often fried or grilled, or Chinese food is stir-fried, steamed, or boiled

Another difference between the two cuisines is their cooking methods.

Typically, Tex-Mex food is often deep-fried or grilled.

The grilling method is often applied to meat and veggies, while frying will provide a crispy texture for snacks.

Meanwhile, the Chinese often have their food stir-fried, steamed, or boiled.

Their cooking methods seem to be simpler, but healthier.

Tex-Mex cooking typically features powdered spices whereas the Chinese use fresh spices and sauces

The spices and condiments used in Tex-Mex cuisine also set it apart from Chinese cuisine.

Tex-Mex cooking features a lot of powdered spices like garlic powder, chili powder, peppercorn, cumin, cinnamon, or coriander.

On the other hand, Chinese recipes call for fresh or dried garlic and onion cloves, with fish sauce, soy sauce, and oyster sauce to season their food.

Tex-Mex food is often eaten with hands, forks, or spoons, while Chinese food is typically eaten with chopsticks

The ways that Tex-Mex food and Chinese food are eaten also separate them.

Tex-Mex food is eaten with hands (many finger foods like chips, tacos, or burritos), forks, or spoons for other dishes like salads, soups, or stews.

Meanwhile, chopsticks are a typical utensil in many Asian cuisines, including Chinese cuisine.

Many foreigners find it hard to first use chopsticks to grab food.

What are the similarities between Tex-Mex food vs Chinese food?

Although Tex-Mex food and Chinese food are very different from each other, they also share some things in common, as below:

Tex-Mex food and Chinese food are diverse and offer countless delicacies

No matter what your taste buds’ preference is, Tex-Mex food and Chinese food will be sure to satisfy your palate.

There are countless delicious dishes in these cuisines because they are both diverse and offer many options that are either meat-based or vegan.

Tex-Mex food and Chinese food are made from fresh ingredients and flavorful

Another similarity between Tex-Mex food and Chinese food is that they are both made from fresh ingredients, from meat, seafood, to veggies rather than opting for frozen and processed foods.

This makes their food has the sweetness of fresh and natural elements and is good for our health.

Which one is better?

In conclusion, Tex-Mex food and Chinese food have a lot of differences, but they also share some similarities.

Generally, their dishes are flavorful and worth trying.

Have you ever tried either one yet? If not, give it a go, and then you can decide what should be on your next dinner, Tex-Mex food or Chinese food?

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