6 Delicious Side Dishes To Pair With Your Tequila Lime Chicken

tequila lime chicken side dish

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Try tequila lime chicken!

This dish is simple to make and always a crowd-pleaser.

But what can you serve with tequila lime chicken?

Let’s find out in this post!

What is tequila lime chicken?

Tequila lime chicken is a delicious dish that features tequila, like juice, and chicken as the main ingredients.

The recipe calls for chicken that is marinated with a combination of typical Mexican ingredients, like tequila, citrus juice, jalapeno pepper, garlic, salt, pepper, and chili powder, and then grilled.

The marinade gives the chicken a nice tart flavor.

The best part is that this dish is easy to make and even a novice cook can create a restaurant-quality meal in no time.

What to consider when choosing a tequila lime chicken’s side dish?

Tequila lime chicken is a delicious and favorite dish that is commonly eaten in Mexico and other Latin cuisines.

Although it is great on its own, many people are wondering how to choose the right side dish to elevate their tequila lime chicken to a new level.

So here are some things you should keep in mind when cooking or ordering a tequila lime chicken’s side dish:

Tequila lime chicken pairs well with a Mexican-inspired side dish

Looking at the recipe of tequila lime chicken, you can see that it features numerous Mexican staples.

Therefore, it is perfect if you serve this chicken dish with a Mexican accompaniment.

Mexican side dishes often contain some classic ingredients from this cuisine, such as corn, beans, or rice.

All work well with chicken in their own ways.

Tequila lime chicken should be served with a subtly sweet or mild flavor

Since tequila lime chicken has a tart flavor from the citrus juice, it is best to be paired with something that has a contrasting taste to create a balanced meal.

So a subtly sweet side dish or one with a mild and refreshing flavor from different kinds of vegetables will be a good choice in this case.

6 best side dishes to serve with tequila lime chicken

Here are the six side dishes that we find most suitable to serve alongside tequila lime chicken.

Let’s give them a closer look at:

1.     Corn salsa

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Corn salsa is a classic Mexican dish that will provide your meal with a vibrant festive look, and a refreshing flavor.

It is made with boiled fresh sweet corn kernels, red onions, avocado, cherry tomatoes, bell pepper, tortilla chips, and so on.

The dressing from olive oil and spices with lime juice gives this dish a balanced and refreshing taste to offset the meat-based main course.

2.     Black bean salad

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The second option for you is black bean salad.

It is simply a salad that contains black beans as one of the main ingredients.

Black beans can be simmered or baked until tender but not broken, and are mixed with other veggies or fruits like tomatoes, red bell pepper, olives, avocado, and seasoned with some salt, pepper, garlic, lime juice, or white wine vinegar.

The natural sweetness of the ingredients makes it no need to use sugar to balance the sourness of citrus juice.

3.     Coleslaw

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Tequila lime chicken is also great to serve with coleslaw.

This creamy and simple salad can be done in less than five minutes, and it will be sure to satisfy your taste buds and make the chicken taste even better.

4.     Roasted vegetables

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Roasted vegetables can be a delicious and nutritious companion for tequila lime chicken too.

There are different kinds of vegetables that are great for roasting, like asparagus, broccoli, eggplants, potatoes, or carrots.

They provide a crispy outer and a refreshing taste of veggies to offset the savory grilled chicken.

5.     Rice

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Tequila lime chicken can be paired with a bowl of rice.

Either steamed or fried white rice/brown rice can work in this case, depending on your preference.

Rice has a starchy texture that can help keep you fuller for a longer time, and its mild flavor goes well with any savory dish.

6.     Tortillas

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What about serving some corn tortillas alongside your tequila lime chicken?

This Mexican staple can be hard or soft depending on your preference and purpose.

If you want to use tortillas as a wrap, it is better to opt for soft corn tortillas with shredded chicken and some kinds of veggies for the filling.

The bottom line

Tequila lime chicken is a great way to spice up your meal without cooking the same old-fashioned recipes.

If you want this dish even tastier, let’s try our six aforementioned side dishes and see which one works best for your tequila lime chicken and your taste buds.