Get Ready to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with These 10 Mouthwatering St. Patrick’s Day Cupcake Recipes!

Get Ready to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with These 10 Mouthwatering St. Patrick's Day Cupcake Recipes!

St. Patrick’s Day is a special occasion in Irelands with parades, festivals, and lots of green. Cupcakes have become a popular treat during this holiday, as they are easy to make and can be decorated in various ways.

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With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, what better way to celebrate than with some delicious and festive cupcakes? In this article, I will share some of the best St. Patrick’s Day cupcake ideas that will impress your friends and family.

Bailey’s Irish Cream Cupcakes

Bailey’s Irish Cream is a popular liqueur that is often associated with St. Patrick’s Day. These cupcakes are a perfect way to incorporate the flavor of Bailey’s into a delicious dessert. To make these cupcakes, you will need the following ingredients:

  • 1 box of yellow cake mix
  • 1 cup of Bailey’s Irish Cream
  • 1/2 cup of oil
  • 3 eggs
  • Frosting of your choice

Simply mix together the cake mix, Bailey’s Irish Cream, oil, and eggs until well combined. Bake according to the instructions on the box. Once the cupcakes have cooled, frost them with your favorite frosting. If you want a non-alcoholic version, you can replace Bailey’s Irish Cream with milk or cream.

Salted Caramel Whiskey Cupcakes

If you’re a fan of sweet and salty flavors, these cupcakes are perfect for you. They are made with salted caramel and whiskey for a unique and delicious flavor. Once the cupcakes have cooled, frost them with your favorite frosting.

If you don’t have whiskey on hand, you can replace it with any other type of alcohol. And in case you want a non-alcoholic version, you can replace whiskey with milk or cream.

Matcha Green Tea Cupcakes

Try making these matcha green tea cupcakes for a unique and refreshing flavor. Matcha is a type of powdered green tea that is often used in Japanese tea ceremonies. If you’re unfamiliar with matcha green tea, it can be purchased at most health food stores or online.

It’s a great ingredient to experiment with in baking, especially if you want to add more green tea to your diet. These cupcakes are delicious when served with vanilla frosting or cream cheese frosting. However, if you want them to be less sweet and more like Japanese tea cakes, try spreading cocoa powder on top of each one instead of frosting.

Rainbow Pot of Gold Cupcakes

These cupcakes are a fun and festive way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. They are made with a rainbow of colors and have a pot of gold at the end. They are also delicious to eat, and you can use them for many different occasions.

They would be a great addition to your child’s birthday party or class party, especially if you want to add some Irish culture to the mix.

Lucky Charms Pinata Cupcakes

These cupcakes are a fun and delicious way to incorporate a classic cereal into a St. Patrick’s Day treat. The cupcakes are made with Lucky Charms marshmallows and a vanilla cake.

The top is covered in frosting, which looks like the cereal’s bright colors. You can also add some chocolate chips to the mix for extra flavor.

Guinness Chocolate Cupcakes

Guinness beer is a popular drink in Ireland, and these cupcakes are a delicious way to incorporate their unique flavor into a dessert. The beer adds a rich, slightly bitter flavor that complements the chocolate.

The cupcakes are topped with a creamy chocolate frosting and drizzled with caramel. You can use any type of beer in this recipe, but Guinness is the most traditional choice.

Green Velvet Shamrock Cupcakes

Red velvet cake is a popular dessert, but why not try making green velvet cake for St. Patrick’s Day? Green velvet cake is similar to red velvet cake but uses green food coloring instead of red. This recipe uses a special ingredient to give the cake its signature green color: matcha powder.

Matcha is a type of green tea that’s ground into a fine powder. It has an earthy, slightly bitter flavor that works well with chocolate. The cake is moist and tender, but it isn’t as dense as traditional red velvet cakes.

Mint Chocolate Cupcakes

Mint and chocolate are a classic combination, and these cupcakes are a delicious way to enjoy them together. If you don’t have fresh mint on hand, you can use mint extract instead. The mint flavor is subtle, but it really adds a nice accent to the chocolate.

These cupcakes are great for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day or any other occasion that calls for green treats!

Shamrock Shake Cupcakes

Shamrock shakes are a popular seasonal treat at McDonald’s during St. Patrick’s Day. If you are looking for a way to enjoy the flavor of this delicious treat at home, these cupcakes are perfect. They include mint extract and green food coloring, so they taste just like the real thing—but with less ice cream!

If you have trouble finding both green and pink food coloring at your local store, try using just one color instead (either green or pink).

Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes

Irish Car Bombs are a popular drink made with Guinness, Baileys Irish Cream, and whiskey. The classic cocktail inspires these cupcakes. The cupcakes are moist, chocolatey, and topped with a creamy Bailey’s buttercream. The Baileys Irish Cream also adds a nice flavor to the frosting.

If you’re not a fan of whiskey, you can leave it out and add more vanilla extract instead. The cupcakes themselves have a strong chocolate flavor, so if you want to add another layer of sweetness without adding more sugar (which will make the frosting too runny), try using brown sugar instead of granulated white sugar in the batter.


Are cupcakes difficult to make?

Most of the recipes are fairly easy to make and do not require advanced baking skills.

Can I make the cupcakes ahead of time?

Yes, most of the cupcakes can be made ahead of time and stored in an airtight container until ready to serve.

Can I substitute ingredients if I have allergies?

Yes, most of the recipes can be modified to accommodate allergies or dietary restrictions.

How long do the cupcakes last?

Most cupcakes will last 2-3 days if stored properly.

Can I make the cupcakes in mini or jumbo sizes?

Yes, the recipes can be modified to make mini or jumbo cupcakes, but the baking time must be adjusted.


St. Patrick’s Day is a fun and festive holiday, and these cupcakes are a delicious way to celebrate. Whether you’re a fan of chocolate, mint, or something more unique, there’s a cupcake recipe for everyone. So why not try making some of these delicious treats for your St. Patrick’s Day celebration?