Spanish Food Vs. Mexican Food: What Makes Each Cuisine Stand Out? The Answer Will Amaze You!

Spanish food and Mexican food have always been thought to be the same.

However, these two cuisines are not actually identical.

So how do Spanish food and Mexican food differ from each other and what makes each cuisine stand out from many other cuisines in the world? The answer will be found in this article.

Read on and you will get more interesting information about Spanish and Mexican dishes.

What is special about Spanish food?

Spanish cuisine is one of the most diverse in all of Europe.

It has influenced many of Latin America’s cuisines due to the long period of time being the dominion over these countries.

Spanish food is not just about paella and tapas.

When you take a closer look, there are many other dishes that can be found in Spain.

One thing that sets this cuisine apart from others is its use of spices and peppers.

The main spice used in Spain’s cooking is saffron, the most expensive seasoning which gives their dishes an earthy flavor.

This European country is also known for its most olive oil production (44% of the world).

Therefore, Spanish dishes use olive oil as the main cooking oil instead of soybean oil or lard.

Spanish food is a vibrant culture that goes along with their cuisine.

The food is often made up of fresh vegetables, fruits, seafood, and meat prepared in a variety of ways.

What is special about Mexican food?

Mexican food is a cuisine that has been around for centuries, and it is much more than tacos and burritos.

It is a unique blend of different cultures, which has been recognized by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage contribution to humanity.

There are many regions throughout the country and each has its own signature dishes with different ways of cooking or ingredients.

However, in general, Mexican food is reputable for its use of various spices and elements, which result in flavorful and colorful dishes.

Sometimes, Mexican food is irresistible not because of its amazing taste but also the vibrant and beautiful presentation that is made by using numerous ingredients with contrasting colors.

Mexican people add corn to every dish, from tortillas, enchiladas, to tostadas, and flautas.

Tacos are served everywhere in the country, which features many of their staple spices and ingredients like garlic, cilantro, cumin, chilies, and corn.

What are the differences between Spanish vs Mexican food?

In contrast to the misconception about Spanish food and Mexican food, these two cuisines are actually different in many ways.

Below are some of the most typical differences between Spanish cuisine and Mexican cuisine.

Mexican food and Spanish food have different origins

So Mexican is a Latin American country, which used to be the colony of Spain, a European country.

Therefore, Mexican cuisine, besides its own characteristics, is influenced by Spanish cuisine and other Latin cultures.

Mexican food is spicer and uses a lot of chili peppers

Mexican food is well-known for its use of heating agents like garlic, chilies, cinnamon, and peppers.

There are over 100 different chili varieties used in Mexican cooking, which add a pungent taste to most of their dishes.

Spanish food is also flavorful due to various kinds of spices, however, it is less spicy than Mexican dishes.

Spanish cuisine is famous for different kinds of beans, while Mexican cuisine is reputable for corn

Another difference between Spanish cuisine and Mexican cuisine is the staple choice of carbs.

Spanish people eat different kinds of beans and rice, while corn can be found anywhere in Mexico.

Spanish food uses more seafood while Mexicans eat more pork and beef

Spanish food also uses more seafood in their dishes, the traditional Spanish dish features seafood as one of the main ingredients (mussels, shrimp, and calamari).

On the other hand, Mexicans seem to prefer eating red meat like pork and beef, which is usually shredded or ground to cook with cheese and other ingredients. 

What are the similarities between Spanish vs Mexican food?

Despite some key differences between Spanish and Mexican food, you can see that these two cuisines have several things in common which has made many people think they are the same.

They use a lot of spices and ingredients which result in a beautiful presentation

For people who have never tried either Spanish or Mexican food, they might think they are the same dishes from one country at first glance.

The reason is their dishes are vibrantly colorful thanks to the use of various spices and ingredients.

This makes Spanish and Mexican food irresistible even though you haven’t tasted it.

Spanish cuisine and Mexican cuisine both use tomatoes as a base for many dishes

Tomatoes are one of the main ingredients in both cuisines.

They usually use freshly chopped tomatoes or tomato paste in their recipes.

This ingredient doesn’t provide a vibrant red color that looks really eye-catching but also brings refreshingness and tangy taste to their dishes.

Some foods are considered from one cuisine but can be commonly eaten in the other country

For example, tortillas or tacos, which are typically a staple food in Mexico, are very well-known in Spain as an appetizer or side dish.

Which one is better?

Spanish and Mexican dishes are similar in some ways but also quite different.

They both have their own distinct flavors that make them unique.

So which is better? We’ll leave it to you to decide, after all, the only thing more personal than your taste buds is your opinion.

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