9 Side Dishes To Serve With Smoked Chicken Thighs

smoked chicken thigh side dish

I’m a big fan of smoked chicken thighs.

Why trust me?

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The meat is tender and perfect for a variety of flavors and cooking methods.

That said, I often struggle with what to serve with them!

This guide will help you pair any smoked chicken thigh dish with the perfect side dishes, sauces, toppings and more.

What are smoked chicken thighs?

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Smoked chicken thighs are a great way to add some smoky flavor and juiciness to your recipes.

Whether you’re making an easy weeknight meal or planning a party, smoked chicken thighs are an excellent choice.

In order to get the best results, it’s important to pay careful attention to how long they are smoked for and at what temperature they’re smoked at.

This will help ensure that they come out tender and juicy every time!

How to choose side dishes for smoked chicken thighs?

Some side dishes go well with chicken in general, but not all of them are appropriate companions for smoked chicken thighs.

The following is a list of the best and worst choices for serving with the meat:

  • Good matches: vegetables or salads that are crunchy (such as potato salad), crispy (such as fried okra), or otherwise firm enough to withstand hours on a buffet table; things that go well with barbecue sauce (like coleslaw); foods made from simple ingredients like pasta or rice; seafood dishes like crab cakes or lobster rolls.
  • Bad matches: soft cheese spreads like queso dip; desserts made up primarily of cream-based fillings; any dish containing nuts, seeds, or grains (these can become soggy over time).

What to serve with smoked chicken thighs?

Roasted vegetables

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Roasted vegetables are a great accompaniment to smoked chicken thighs.

They’re also easy to prepare, so if you’ve never tried them before, this is a perfect opportunity to do so!

To roast vegetables:

  • Wash and trim your veggies.
  • You can use any type of vegetable, but some good options include carrots, potatoes and squash.
  • For this recipe we’ll use potatoes and garlic cloves.
  • Cut the vegetables into pieces (or leave them whole if they’re small enough).
  • For this recipe we’ll cut potatoes into wedges and the garlic cloves in half by slicing them lengthwise from top to bottom with a very sharp knife on both sides of each clove.
  • Place the prepared vegetables onto an oiled baking sheet with parchment paper or aluminum foil underneath it so that it doesn’t stick when cooking; brush with more oil if needed (you want everything coated in oil).
  • Season well with salt/pepper at this point too!

Pasta salad

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Pasta salad is a great side dish for smoked chicken thighs.

It’s easy to prepare, and it’s awesome at picnics and potlucks because it travels well.

For an outdoor event you can make the pasta salad ahead of time and place it in individual containers so your guests can serve themselves.

Pasta salads are also perfect for barbecues because they’re easy to make in large batches.

Green salad with raspberries and almonds

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A green salad is the perfect side dish to serve with smoked chicken thighs.

While they’re both considered to be healthy, green salads and smoked chicken thighs are in different categories of healthfulness.

A green salad is typically a good source of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, while smoked chicken thighs are typically prepared with less saturated fat than their non-smoked counterparts.

Because of this difference in nutritional content, serving one with the other makes for a balanced meal that will leave any diner feeling satisfied.

Rice pilaf

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Rice pilaf is a delicious side dish to serve with smoked chicken thighs.

Rice is a grain that’s been a staple of many cultures around the world for centuries, and it’s still very popular today.

It’s used in a wide variety of dishes from all over the world, from sushi to paella to risotto.

Rice pilaf is one of the most popular ways to prepare rice because it’s easy and versatile—and it can be served alongside almost anything!

Pilaf is typically made with white rice, which is parboiled before being sautéed in butter or oil until it becomes fluffy.

The addition of vegetables like carrots or peas makes pilaf nutritious as well as flavorful.

It’s also incredibly versatile: you can use any kind of meat or vegetable in your pilaf (or any combination of them) and it will come out great!

Smoked chicken thighs are an excellent choice for pairing with rice pilaf because they’re moist and tender—and they provide plenty of protein for your meal!

You could even add some beans or lentils if you want a heartier dish without having to sacrifice flavor.

Sauteed mushrooms

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Sauteed mushrooms are a good side dish to serve with smoked chicken thighs for several reasons.

First, they are in season and are readily available at most grocery stores.

Second, they are easy to prepare and cook quickly.

Third, they have a rich, earthy flavor that complements the smoky taste of the chicken thighs.

Additionally, mushrooms are cholesterol-free and low in calories, so they can be part of a healthy diet.

They also contain a good amount of fiber, making them good for digestion.

Asparagus with hollandaise sauce

Asparagus, 1 Bunch

Asparagus is the perfect side dish for smoked chicken thighs.

First, it’s a cruciferous vegetable, so it goes well with any kind of protein.

Second, it’s low in calories, high in fiber and folate, and contains antioxidants that help prevent cancer.

Third, it’s easy to make: all you have to do is cut off the ends and roast them in olive oil until they’re tender enough to pierce with a fork.

This recipe makes a great side dish for any meal.

Cauliflower puree

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Cauliflower puree is a great side dish to serve with smoked chicken thighs because it’s a healthy alternative to mashed potatoes, but it still provides the comfort food feel of something creamy and filling.

Plus, cauliflower is one of those vegetables that has so many uses—it can be made into a soup, or roasted and served as a side dish, or even added to smoothies!

It’s also super versatile: you can mix cauliflower with other veggies like broccoli or spinach to make a more colorful puree.

Plus, it’s a great way to sneak in some extra nutrients into your diet.


Krusteaz Honey Cornbread and Muffin Mix, Made with Real Honey, 15 oz...

Cornbread is a great side dish to serve with smoked chicken thighs.

The cornbread has the sweet flavor that matches perfectly with the smoky taste of the chicken, and it offers a soft texture that contrasts well with the crunchy crust.

Cornbread can also be served as an appetizer or snack by itself.

If you like this recipe, try some of our other ones too!

Macaroni and cheese with bacon

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The best side dish to serve with smoked chicken thighs is macaroni and cheese with bacon.

We recommend macaroni and cheese because it’s a classic comfort food, and it goes well with the smoky flavor of the chicken.

You can make it with or without bacon—it’s up to you!

Bacon is a good choice because it brings in a little spice, which will pair well with the smoky flavor of the chicken.

If you don’t like spicy foods but still want to add some spiciness to your meal, bacon is a good option.


I hope that these side dishes have given you a new way to enjoy chicken thighs.

Whether you are looking for something easy, budget-friendly, or simply delicious, this list has it all.

With these sides to accompany your chicken thighs, your guests will be asking for seconds!