The Difference Between Sloppy Joe And Pulled Pork: It’s Not What You Think

sloppy joe vs pulled pork

Pulled pork and sloppy joe are two of America’s favorite sandwich recipes of all ages.

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What makes one better than the other?

The blog post will be discussing the differences between sloppy joe and pulled pork so that you can make your own decision about which dish seems to be more outstanding after reading.

What is sloppy joe?

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Sloppy joes are a popular American dish, and for many people, this dish is a childhood memory.

The delicious and slightly messy sandwich that our mothers or fathers would make for us when they came home from work was always one of the highlights of the day.

Sloppy joes are a quintessential American dish that pairs ground beef with delicious tomatoes to create a sloppy but flavorful meal.

They’re named “sloppy” because the sauce is so good you’ll want it on everything- including your fingers and face, which can lead to some messy eating!

What is pulled pork?

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Pulled pork is one of the most popular BBQ dishes in America.

It is made from a whole hog that has been slow-cooked for several hours in liquid and pulled apart when done, hence the name.

The meat can be served on its own or in sandwiches, tacos, burritos, chimichangas, with coleslaw, and other toppings like barbecue sauce or vinegar-based sauces.

Pulled pork has a long and interesting history in the United States.

It was first created by African Americans who used their hands to pull apart pieces of meat after cooking it low and slow over an open pit fire, which is now how pulled pork can be found all around North Carolina or outside this country’s borders.

What are the differences between sloppy joe vs pulled pork?

Obviously, when it comes to sloppy joe and pulled pork, there are many things to tell about their differences.

 Sloppy joePulled pork
IngredientsA sloppy joe is a type of sandwich which includes buns and ground beef with vegetables, such as onion or green pepper, and some saucesMade from pork (usually pork shoulder) that is slow-cooked with BBQ sauce until tender, then is pulled apart by hand  
ServeCommonly served alone as it is already a complete dish
Can be served with pickles and onions  Served as fillings on sandwiches, tacos, or burritos, with coleslaw or barbecue sauceCooking timeShorter because the recipe calls for ground beef, which is easy and quick to cookLonger because the whole pork cut needs to reach the fall-off-the-bone tenderness before being pulled apartTasteThe taste of beef and other seasonings used in the mixtureThe taste of pork, juicy, and flavorful from different ingredientsTextureFiner because the beef is groundCoarser because the pork is pulled by hands

What are the similarities between sloppy joe vs pulled pork?

Sloppy joe and pulled pork are made from two different kinds of meat, however, they do share some similarities as listed below:

1. They can be used interchangeably

Yes, you can use pulled pork as an alternative for the sloppy joe’s filling.

Although beef and pork taste different, these two meat ingredients call for the same kind of sauce (usually BBQ or vinegar-based sauce), the result is the finished dishes taste relatively similar.

This allows you to use them interchangeably in some cases.

2. They are a rich source of nutrients

Beef and pork are long known for being high in protein and essential nutrients such as iron or zinc.

These two recipes offer you a rich source of protein, and less fat, but are also a little high in calories that will keep your day full of energy.

Be careful to consume them every day if you are following a somewhat low-carb diet.

Which one is better?

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There are a few different factors to consider when deciding which sandwich you want to make.

Do you prefer ground beef or pork shoulder meat, the sweet tanginess of ketchup or mustard on your sandwich, and do you like it served hot off the grill?

Sloppy joes are typically made with ground beef while pulled pork sandwiches have roasted or slow-cooked pork butt as their main ingredient.

If you enjoy more smoky flavors in your food looking for something less messy than sloppy joe, pulled pork might be your choice.

But in case you are a fan of beef, why not make a sloppy joe immediately?

We hope this blog post has helped you make your decision on which dish is better, but we will leave the final call up to you!

Which one will you choose when it comes time for lunch or dinner tonight?