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5 Perfect Sides to Serve with Turkey Meatloaf!

Looking for what to serve with turkey meatloaf? You’ve come to the right place! This post will provide you with some great ideas for what to serve with your turkey meatloaf.

– Mashed potatoes

Mashed potatoes are a classic and delicious side dish to serve with turkey meatloaf.

They’re hearty and filling, and they complement the flavor of the meatloaf perfectly.

Plus, they’re easy to make and can be prepared ahead of time.

To make mashed potatoes, you’ll need to boil some potatoes until they’re soft.

Then, you’ll need to mash them up with some milk, butter, and seasonings.

You can keep things simple and classic, or you can add in some more adventurous flavors.

Some popular additions to mashed potatoes include cheese, bacon, and chives.

You can also add in some spices like garlic powder, onion powder, or paprika for added flavor.

Serve your mashed potatoes alongside your meatloaf for a complete and satisfying meal.

You and your family will love the combination of these two classic dishes.

– Roasted vegetables

Companion vegetables are those that are served alongside the main part of a meal.

These can be vegetables that are simply boiled or steamed, but they are often roasted.

Roasting vegetables is incredibly easy — all you really need to do is cut them up, toss them with some olive oil, and season them before spreading them out on a rimmed baking sheet and sliding them into the oven.

You then have to wait patiently while they roast, occasionally giving them a stir so that they brown evenly.

While you can certainly roast just about any vegetable, some of the best roasted vegetables to serve with turkey meatloaf include Brussels sprouts, parsnips, carrots, and onions.

You can even add some potatoes to the mix.

All of these roasted vegetables pair especially well with the rich, hearty flavor of meatloaf.

– Salad

Salad is a great side dish to serve with turkey meatloaf.

It provides a refreshing contrast to the richness of the meatloaf, and it can be made with a variety of different ingredients to suit your taste.

Some popular salad options to serve with meatloaf include:.

– Caesar salad: This classic salad is made with romaine lettuce, croutons, Parmesan cheese, and a traditional Caesar dressing.

It’s a great choice for a hearty side dish.

– Greek salad: This salad is made with romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, and feta cheese, and it’s dressed with a simple vinaigrette.

It’s a light and refreshing option.

– Cobb salad: This salad is made with romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, bacon, eggs, and avocado, and it’s dressed with a ranch dressing.

– Gravy

Gravy is a sauce made from the juices that run naturally from turkey during cooking.

However, if you prefer a thicker gravy, or if you prefer a different flavor, you may want to make a roux-based gravy.

Roux-based gravies are made by first making a roux, which is a mixture of fat and flour that is cooked, then used to thicken the liquid.

In this case, you would use the pan juices from the cooked turkey.

To make a roux-based gravy, first pour the pan juices into a fat separator.

Let it sit for a few minutes, then skim off the fat that rises to the top.

Heat a small amount of fat in a saucepan over medium heat.

Add the same amount of flour and stir until combined.

Cook for a minute or two, stirring occasionally, until the flour is cooked and the mixture is bubbling.

– Cranberry sauce

What to serve with turkey meatloaf?

Cranberry sauce is a Thanksgiving classic and goes well with turkey.

However, it also pairs nicely with chicken and pork.

This easy homemade cranberry sauce recipe can be made in advance and reheated when needed.

It will keep in the fridge for up to 10 days and is also freezable.

If you prefer a sweeter cranberry sauce, add more sugar.


Whether you’re serving up turkey meatloaf for a cozy family dinner or a special holiday gathering, you’ll want to serve it with a side that complements this hearty main dish. Here are a few ideas for what to serve with turkey meatloaf:

– Mashed potatoes: Mashed potatoes are a classic side dish that goes well with just about any meal, and they’re a particularly good choice to serve with meatloaf.

The creamy texture and rich flavor of mashed potatoes are a perfect match for the hearty meatloaf.

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