4 Shredded Chicken Substitutes You Need To Know

Shredded chicken is a key ingredient in many cooking recipes.

But what if you find yourself wanting a substitute for shredded chicken because you cannot find any chicken cut sold on the market or just want something new?

Well, there are plenty of options out there, and you are not alone to find out the best shredded chicken substitute.

Keep reading our article to explore some of the best alternatives for shredded chicken.

What is shredded chicken?

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The shredded chicken starts out as whole pieces of meat and then gets cut or pulled into strips.

It can be made from any cut of chicken like chicken thighs, chicken legs, and chicken breasts, but the latter is most commonly used because it is healthy with low-fat content and has a tender texture.

Shredding chicken makes it easier to chew and absorb flavors from the sauces or spices.

As already mentioned, shredded chicken can be pulled by hands, cut by a knife, or in a food processor.

Chicken needs to be cooked by roasting, grilling, boiling, or braising before being shredded because it is very hard to pull out raw meat.

Shredded chicken is often tossed in a kind of sauce like BBQ sauce or creamy sauce, and served in a taco, burger, or sandwich with other veggie ingredients.

It can also be used to make chicken jerky, chicken pasta, or chicken casserole.

Can you substitute shredded chicken in cooking recipes?

Of course, shredded chicken can be substituted in any cooking recipe.

In fact, there are many options for you to choose from to alternate shredded chicken.

You can opt for other meat or vegan substitutes depending on your desire and diet restrictions.

Shredded chicken substitutes can be made at home from easy-to-find ingredients, or bought from many brands in any grocery store or supermarket throughout the country.

In most cases, vegan-based replacements are even more expensive than real meat because of their less popularity and lower demand compared to their meat counterparts.

What can you substitute for shredded chicken?

As already mentioned, there are many options for you to substitute for shredded chicken.

Below are some of the best shredded chicken alternatives that are both