Should Chicken Broth Be Cloudy? Why Is My Chicken Broth Cloudy?

If you’re a chicken broth fan, you know it can be used for all sorts of things: soups and stews, sautés and braises, even bread dough.

But have you ever noticed that sometimes your broth is clear while it is cloudy other times?

What gives?

Is it a good or bad sign?

Let’s find out the answers to all these questions in this blog post.

Should chicken broth be cloudy?

Does chicken broth have to be cloudy? No, it doesn’t always have to be cloudy.

Chicken broth can be clear, but it can also be cloudy.

Most of the time, the broth is clear at first and becomes more cloudy over time.

So don’t panic if you see a homemade broth or canned broth not as clear as it was in your memory.

A cloudy chicken broth can be the result of several causes (which will be mentioned in the next part), but deciding if a chicken broth is good or bad to consume also depends on many other factors, such as the smell and body of the broth.

If your chicken broth is cloudy, it can tell that it is of high quality.

But it can also be a sign of spoilage if the broth comes with other bad indications.

Why is my chicken broth cloudy?

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The cloudiness in chicken broth is caused by the protein gelatin forming in the bones.

When chicken bones are boiled in water, they release this protein into the water and create a rich, thick texture.

If you’re looking to make your broth clear, however, then you should cook it for less time or use fewer bones than usual.

Cloudiness can also be a sign that something went wrong with your broth during cooking—for example, if it hasn’t been simmered long enough to break down all of its components into a liquid form or if some impurities have gotten into it from an ingredient like onion or garlic (which will become cloudy when cooked).

Finally, some people like cloudy broths while others prefer theirs to be clear.

How do you fix cloudy chicken broth?

If your chicken broth is cloudy and tastes good, but you think it doesn’t look tempting enough to serve your guests, several ways can help clarify the broth and make it look clear.

The first thing you can do is skim off the fat from its surface.

You can also use an egg white-water mixture to fix cloudy chicken broth.

To make an egg white-water mixture: Whisk one egg white with two tablespoons of water until frothy and foamy.

Stir this into your hot, strained stock; it will foam up dramatically at first but should soon settle back down to a more manageable size.

Then repeat the straining process again using cheesecloth or a fine sieve to remove any remaining cloudiness from your broth (if there’s anything left).

If your chicken broth is cloudy because it has spoiled, then there is no way to save it, and it is also not safe to eat anymore.

You better discard the broth this time.

How can you tell a good broth in cooking?

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As already mentioned, the cloudiness in your broth is not the only thing that decides if the broth is good or bad.

However, a good broth will be clear, with no evidence of any solids floating in it.

It also has a beautiful light caramel color.

Cloudy broths are often the result of an incomplete boil and/or the presence of fat or oil on top of the pot.

You can use a strainer to remove these impurities before you cook your chicken broth to make it look more appealing.

A good broth should also have a good smell of chicken and vegetables and light but slight viscous consistency.

Just like when you’re cooking rice or pasta, it’s best to use plenty of water relative to the amount of meat or vegetables you’ll be cooking with—this ensures that there’s enough liquid for all those tasty browned bits at the bottom of the pot (called fond) to dissolve into.


So, now that you know what cloudy broth looks like, hopefully, you know that it is not a big problem.

Depending on your preference, you can keep it cloudy or make it clear.

Just ensure that the smell, flavor, and texture of your chicken broth, either homemade or store-bought, are of good quality before consuming.

Thanks for reading our blog post, and if you are caring about chicken broth in other aspects, keep checking other articles.

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