5 Side Dishes To Serve With Roman Style Chicken

roman style chicken side dish

We’re going to be talking about what to serve with roman style chicken today.

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Roman style chicken is a delicious way to prepare poultry.

It’s a classic in Italian cuisine, and the dish has been around for centuries.

In this blog post, we’ll go over some of the best ways to serve roman style chicken, so you can make sure your next dinner party is a hit.

What is Roman style chicken?

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Roman style chicken is a variation of the Italian dish pollo alla diavola, which means “devil’s chicken.” The tomato sauce is cooked with garlic and basil, then mixed with chicken pieces and served over pasta.

It’s a classic dish in Italian cuisine, but it’s also very popular in the United States.

You might find it on the menu at an Italian restaurant or even at your local pizzeria.

How to choose side dishes for Roman style chicken?

Now that you have your main dish, it’s time to think of side dishes.

First and foremost, choose a side dish that complements the main course.

For example, if chicken is the focus, don’t serve a pasta dish or another grain-based side item.

Second, choose an easy-to-prepare side dish.

By keeping the preparation time low and using ingredients that are readily accessible at most grocery stores (and maybe even in your pantry), this will keep things simple for you during hectic weeknights when you’re rushing home after work and don’t want to spend more than 15 minutes preparing dinner.

Thirdly—and perhaps most importantly—choose an easy-to-eat side dish that won’t get stuck in your teeth or leave crumbs on your plate when you’re trying to enjoy your meal without having anything come between yourself and comfort food heaven!

What to serve with Roman style chicken?

Roasted Potatoes

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One of the best things to serve with roman style chicken is roasted potatoes.

You can use Yukon gold potatoes, which are sturdy enough to stand up to cooking in the oven and still hold their shape when sliced into wedges.

Simply toss them with olive oil, salt and pepper, then roast at 400 degrees for 20 minutes or until tender.

Toss with fresh rosemary before serving!

Sauteed asparagus

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Asparagus is a great vegetable to serve with chicken.

It is rich in vitamins and minerals, so it’s also good for your health.

The asparagus spears have a mild flavor that goes well with the roman style chicken, especially when they’re cooked in olive oil and garlic.

You can roast them or saute them (which we recommend).

Asparagus is easy to prepare, delicious, and makes a perfect side dish for this meal.

Roasted broccoli

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Roasted broccoli is a great side dish to serve with roman-style chicken because it provides some of the same flavor profile, but it’s a lot healthier.

Roman-style chicken is made by coating chicken in spices and then roasting it in the oven.

This can result in a lot of fat from the chicken dripping into your pan and onto your oven floor, which is not good for you or for your kitchen.

Roasted broccoli has a similar texture and taste to roasted chicken, but without all that excess fat—so you can enjoy the same flavors without having to worry about all that extra junk.


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Salad is a great side dish to serve with roman style chicken, but it can also be served on its own as a meal.

Salads can be served at room temperature or cold (depending on the season).

You have the option of serving your salad with a dressing or vinaigrette and it’s up to you whether you want to serve it with protein such as chicken or fish.

I would also add grains like quinoa and rice into the mix if you so choose.

Salads make great side dishes because they are not only healthy but they go well with any main course item that is being served at your dinner table!

Rice and beans

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Rice and beans are a great side dish to serve with roman style chicken.

Today, we’ll be explaining why!

Rice and beans are filling, but they’re also light.

When you’re eating your chicken, you want to balance out the richness of the meat by going for something that isn’t too heavy.

Rice and beans have just enough substance to make you feel full, but not so much that it weighs down your meal.

Plus, the fact that they’re inexpensive means that you can buy more than one bag at a time, and keep them on hand for whenever a craving strikes.

That way, when you’re serving up roman style chicken for dinner tonight, it’s not as though there’s just one option—you can choose between different types of rice and different kinds of beans!

This is especially good if you’ve got a large family or a ton of friends coming over for dinner (or both).

It makes it easy to stock up on ingredients beforehand so that anyone who wants some has no trouble getting it


So there you have it!

We hope this guide has helped you in your quest to make the best roman style chicken possible.

If you’ve got any questions or comments, or if we’ve left something out of this guide that you think should be included, feel free to reach out in the comments below!