5 Delicious Sides To Serve With Roasted Pork Tenderloin

roasted pork tenderloin side dish

There are so many possibilities when it comes to serving food with roasted pork tenderloin.

You can keep it simple or get a little more creative and serve up a delicious pork tenderloin dinner that your whole family will love.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out these great ideas!

What is roasted pork tenderloin?

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Pork tenderloin is a lean and healthy cut of meat that is often roasted in the oven for a quick and easy dinner.

This meat cut can be marinated with any kind of rub or marinade per personal preference.

It should be roasted until the outside has a beautiful brown color while the inside is still juicy, tender, and a little pink.

Since pork tenderloin is the leanest cut of pork, it should be properly cooked to prevent it from being tough and dry.

Roasted pork tenderloin is typically served as the main course in a normal weeknight meal or on special occasions like Thanksgiving or Christmas.

What to consider when choosing a side dish to serve with roasted pork tenderloin?

The side dish should complement the main course, but how does this happen?

The following factors can affect how you choose a side for roasted pork tenderloin:

Consider the flavor profile of roasted pork tenderloin

The true taste of pork remains in any recipe.

However, as already mentioned, pork tenderloin can be marinated with different types of rubs or marinades for roasting.

Therefore, the resulting dish can possess different flavor profiles.

When choosing a side for this pork dish, you should keep in mind the flavor of it to make the right decision.

For example, a sweet-flavored companion goes with a tangy meat dish.

Otherwise, a tangy side will be a good way to go if your pork is slightly spicy. 

Consider if you want a heavy (filling) or a light side dish

Another key that can help you choose the right side dish for roasted pork tenderloin is to consider if you want a filling or light recipe.

A filling side dish will keep you fuller for a longer period of time, meanwhile, a light one often has a more refreshing flavor and can relieve your stomach.

5 best side dishes to serve with roasted pork tenderloin

Are you looking for the best recipes to serve with roasted pork tenderloin?

Check out our five best side dish ideas to accompany roasted pork tenderloin:

1.    Mashed potatoes

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The first suggestion to serve with your roasted pork tenderloin is mashed potatoes.

This is a classic American side dish that goes well with many different types of meat-based dishes.

Mashed potatoes can come in a variety of flavors because you can add whatever you like to this dish, like crispy bacon, garlic, herbs, or sour cream.

This dish will be sure to fill your empty stomach and complement the savory flavor of roasted pork tenderloin.

2.    Cheese grits casserole

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Another option to accompany roasted pork tenderloin is cheese grits casserole.

This dish is packed with a cheesy flavor, so it is definitely the perfect choice for those who are a fan of cheese. 

You can even opt for the processed cheese grits casserole that is sold at the grocery store for a more convenient way to save time and effort in the kitchen.

3.    Lentil soup

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The third option is to serve your roasted pork tenderloin with a lentil soup.

Lentil soups can be made from different types of legumes that are slow-cooked until they are tender and deliver a sweet and earthy flavor.

This soup will be best when served hot and it is a perfect item for a winter meal, next to a plate of piping hot roasted pork tenderloin coming out from the oven.

4.    Roasted green beans

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A simple side dish like roasted green beans can make a surprise when paired with roasted pork tenderloin.

The mildly sweet flavor and crunchy texture of green beans make them perfect to serve with tender, juicy, and savory pork.

Moreover, the vibrant green color of this dish also creates a contrast to your meal, making the meal look more balanced and appealing.

With this option on hand, you will have a delicious, beautiful, and nutritious dish that can even be roasted with pork tenderloin at the same time.  

5.    Couscous salad

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A salad has been one of the classic options to pair with a meat-based dish.

But are you afraid of feeling hungry soon after eating a salad?

Then couscous salad will be the way to go.

This type of salad contains couscous, a nutritious grain that is native to North Africa but is widely consumed in other parts of the world.

Its fiber-rich content makes a couscous a perfect option for you to cut down the fat intake and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

You can mix cooked couscous with some feta cheese, nuts, tomatoes, and raisins for a colorful and flavorful salad to enjoy with roasted pork tenderloin.

The bottom line

It can be tough to decide what to make for dinner, but with a delicious roasted pork tenderloin on the table, you can’t go wrong.

No matter which recipe you are going to stick with, we know you’ll love these recipes.

Which one are you going to try first?

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