Red angus vs black angus beef

red angus vs black angus beef

Normally, we see distinct breeds result in the difference in the flavor of their meat.

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And it’s hard to believe that the color of a cow can affect its taste, but it can.

This article will prove that Red Angus and Black Angus beef all come from the same breed but differ in many ways.

Let’s check it out!

What is Red Angus beef?

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Red Angus beef is the beef from the Red Angus breed.

Although Angus is one of the most popular cow breeds found in the United States, their red types are not recognized by the American Angus Association.

Despite the fact the Red Angus cows are not common, the breed produces tender, juicy steaks with an excellent flavor.

These characteristics have made it one of the most desirable breeds for farmers as well as restaurant owners.

The Angus beef that you may find on grocery store shelves are usually feedlot-raised, grain-fed animals weighing about 700 pounds at slaughter weight with a ribeye area measurement around 14 inches long by 10 inches high.

This makes them just the right size for grilling or roasting whole without having to cut up portions first.

What is Black Angus beef?

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Black Angus beef it’s a type of beef that comes from the breed of cattle called Angus, but the Black type because there is also the Red Angus counterpart.

This type of cow was developed in Scotland and nowadays is often used for breeding.

The meat they produce has a flavor that some people say is less gamey than regular beef.

Black Angus beef takes about three-quarters of the beef meat in the market.

Unlike the Red Angus meat, this one is very common, especially throughout Europe and the United States.

What are the benefits of eating Black Angus beef?

Although red meat has been long considered as not good for our health like the white counterpart, Black Angus beef is lower in saturated fat (which can lead to cardiovascular disease) and is a rich source of iron.

It also contains some omega 3 fatty acids which have been shown to boost brain health.

The fats found in this type of meat are monounsaturated which may reduce your risk for heart disease.

What are the differences between Red Angus vs Black Angus beef?

Since Red Angus and Black Angus beef share the same ancient breed, their differences are not significant.

However, there are still some to take a look at:

 Red Angus beefBlack Angus beef
PopularityRare and not recognized by the American Angus AssociationThe most common breed in the United States (¾ of the meat production)
TextureFattierHave less fat
TasteSweeterMore intense beefy with an earthy flavor

What are the similarities between Red Angus vs Black Angus beef?

So have you ever wondered if these two kinds of beef have anything in common? Yes, they do.

Here are some similarities found between Red Angus beef and Black Angus beef.

1. They are both Angus beef

Obviously, the fact comes out right from their names.

Red Angus and Black Angus are actually two types of Angus breed.

However, keep in mind that this is likely to be true in just the United Kingdom because, in the United States, these are considered two separate breeds.

2. They provide us with healthy meat

Red Angus and Black Angus cows are raised with the same balanced and healthy diets, therefore, they produce beef that is not only especially moist and flavorful but also rich in essential vitamins and nutrients for our health.

3. They can be cooked the same way

In general, despite some slight differences between Red Angus and Black Angus beef, these two kinds of beef can be considered to have a similar base texture and taste.

Therefore, you can feel free to use them interchangeably without worrying it might ruin the dish.

Roasting, grilling, or slow-cooking, all are up to your preference because the result is always the perfect marbled beef with a moist and flavorful taste.

Which one is better?

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The debate of which beef is better, Red Angus or Black Angus, has been going on for years.

So hopefully, after reading this article, you have your own answer.

It turns out that they are just different types of the same cattle breed.

If you’re looking to try something new next time you go shopping, check out these two types of meat and see what suits your needs best.

But just remember that no matter which one you choose, they both taste amazing.