The One Thing You Need To Know About Rabbit Vs Chicken (And Which One Is Better)

rat meat vs chicken

Chicken is a very popular meat ingredient in any part of the world, but have you ever thought that rat meat is consumed in many places as well? Some people might think it is gross to eat rats.

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However, this article can enlighten you with numerous interesting facts about rat meat, and put it in comparison with chicken so that you can easily know how these two types of meat differ or share any similarities with each other.

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What is rat meat?

For your information, rat meat is edible.

It is even a delicacy in many parts of the world.

China and India are two typical countries with many regions eating rats.

Rat meat can be from different species of rat, usually small and long-tailed rodents.

It is a food that is taboo in some cultures, especially in the West and America but has been used for centuries in others as an important and inexpensive source of protein and other nutrients like vitamin B12 and iron.

In general, rat meat is considered unsafe to eat because this kind of mammal commonly carries disease.

Some rats can be eaten safely when properly handled, prepared, and fully cooked.

However, it is important to not mix them with city rates because, in some places where people eat rats, they are all country rats found in the fields, which is safer for consumption.

In terms of taste and texture, rat meat is very tender and is said to have a taste that resembles different kinds of meat, such as pork, raccoon, or rabbit.

It is quite gamey and earthy as well.

So generally, rat meat tastes much better than it sounds.

What is chicken meat?

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Chicken is no more strange for all of us.

It is one of the most popular types of poultry meat, in any part of the world.

Chicken is considered white meat, which is much better than red meat like pork or beef because it contains less saturated fat and cholesterol while offering the same amount of protein.

Chicken can come from a variety of breeds, and each breed has its own characteristic taste or texture.

However, in general, all have the same taste, which is chicken.

It is lean, mild in flavor, and very nutritious.

Chicken can be sold raw or cooked, whole or individual cuts with the most primal cuts being chicken breasts, chicken thighs, chicken drumsticks, or chicken wings.

There are also numerous ways to cook this protein, by baking, broiling, grilling, stewing, or deep-frying with a batter outside.

Your diet restriction or taste buds’ preference will decide what cut of chicken to cook.

What are the differences between rat meat vs chicken?

rat meat and chicken livers differ in numerous ways.

The comparison table below will break these differences into several criteria so that you can easily compare these two types of organ meat from two species of poultry.

 Rat meatChicken
Size and popular cutSmaller Usually sold the whole ratLarger Can be sold the whole chicken or individual cuts like breasts, wings, thighs, or drumsticks
TasteMore earthy and gamey
Tastes a bit like pork, wild raccoon, or rabbit
Mild and tastes like chicken
PriceCheapMore expensive
SafetySometimes unsafe because rat meat is likely to carry diseaseSafe to eat
PopularityLess popular, mainly consumed in some places in China, Africa, and IndiaMuch more popular in any part of the world

What are the similarities between rat meat vs chicken?

Rat meat and chicken seem to have nothing in common, but in fact, they do share some similarities, as listed below:

1. Rat meat and chicken can be sold raw or cooked

Both types of meat can be sold raw or cooked on the market.

Rat meat is always sold intact as the whole animal, no matter if it is raw or cooked.

Meanwhile, chicken can be either sold the whole or cut into smaller parts, such as wings, breasts, thighs, or drumsticks.

2. There are different ways to cook rat meat and chicken

You can make plenty of dishes with different cooking methods when it comes to rat meat or chicken.

Baking, frying, stir-frying, or stewing are the most popular ways to cook either kind of meat.

3. Rat meat and chicken are both nutritious

Another similarity between rat meat and chicken is that they are both nutritious.

As long as you have meat from village rats that are safe to use, rat meat is also a rich source of protein, vitamin B12, iron, and zinc, just like chicken.

Which one is better?

In conclusion, rat meat and chicken are both nutritious and delicious.

Although chicken may be more common, rat meat is worth a try if you are not scared and can find a reliable source of rat meat that is safe to eat.

So are you willing to some challenges by alternating your regular chicken dishes with rat meat?

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