5 Mouth-watering Side Dishes To Pair With Ranch Pork Chops

ranch pork chop side dish

Do you love pork chops but get bored of the same old side dishes?

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These ranch pork chops are delicious and can be served with a variety of different side dishes.

Keep reading and you will find yourself the five best delicious side dishes to accompany your ranch pork chops.

What are ranch pork chops?

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Pork chops are a popular dish that can be prepared in many ways.

One type of pork chop that may not be as familiar to some is the ranch pork chops.

In a nutshell, they are pork chops that have been marinated in a ranch dressing powder or sauce before baking.

This gives them extra flavor and makes them a bit more moist and juicier than other recipes of pork chops.

What to consider when choosing a ranch pork chops’ side dish?

Ranch pork chops are a delicious dish that should be paired with at least one side dish.

Not all side dishes will work with ranch pork chops, so we need to consider some factors before choosing the right side dish to serve with your ranch pork chops.

Here are some key criteria that you should take into account to pick the suitable ranch pork chops side dish:

Ranch pork chops go well with different kinds of veggies

Ranch pork chops are a meaty dish that should be paired with a veggie-based side dish.

The good news is that this main course works well with different kinds of vegetables, such as potatoes, lentils, fungi, or leafy greens that are cooked in different ways.

Consider the cooking time and the available ingredients in your kitchen

It is recommended to make use of what you have on hand first so that cooking will never be a hassle.

Also, consider the cooking time of each recipe to make sure that everything will be served on the table on time and no one will have to wait for your dishes.

5 best side dishes to serve with ranch pork chops

Now, let’s dig into the five best side dishes that pair well with your ranch pork chops and see which recipe sounds most appealing for you:

1.     Roasted potatoes

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Oven-roasted potatoes are a great side dish to serve with ranch pork chops.

This classic side dish can come with different spices and herbs per your preference, but the resulting dish has a starchy texture that will keep you fuller.

2.     Mashed potatoes

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Another classic side dish that features potatoes is mashed potatoes.

Nothing can beat a bowl of mashed potatoes as this dish pairs well with different main courses, different flavors, and occasions.

You can elevate mashed potatoes by adding some kinds of fresh herbs as a decoration and to enhance the flavor of the dish.

3.     Roasted lemon garlic mushrooms

Mushrooms are known as a nutritious kind of vegetables.

They are perfect when roasted with some garlic and lemon slices.

Roasted lemon garlic mushrooms have a fragrant flavor and umami taste with a citrusy note that can make your ranch pork chops taste better.

4.     Steamed green beans

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You can also choose a plate of steamed green beans to accompany your ranch pork chops.

Green beans have a vibrant and eye-catching color that makes your meal look more attractive from first sight so that everyone will want to take a bite immediately.

This side dish is also affordable and easy to make so you will have a good companion for ranch pork chops in no time.

5.     Salads

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If you aren’t in the mood to cook a side dish but still want a delicious and nutritious accompaniment for ranch pork chops, a bowl of salad is the way to go.

A green or fruit salad calls for raw ingredients, normally leafy greens and fruits like avocado, apples, green papaya, and mango that are mixed well with some kinds of salad dressing.

The result is not as simple as how it is made, but you will have a colorful, refreshing, and healthy dish to enjoy with ranch pork chops. 

The bottom line

Now you know that you can make your ranch pork chops taste better with the five aforementioned side dishes.

From a filling dish that is made from starchy vegetables like potatoes to a lighter salad, there are different options for you to choose from.

You better try all of these side dish ideas to see which one works best with your ranch pork chops and your taste buds.