5 Sauce To Pair With Pulled Pork

pulled pork sauce side dish

Tired of the same old barbecue sauces?

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Try the following sauce ideas to accompany your next slow-cooked pulled pork.

Here are some excellent options, including a Carolina- and Alabama-inspired sauce, as well as a delicious mustard sauce.

What is pulled pork?

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Pulled pork is a dish of shredded pork, usually made by cooking pork shoulder or butt and then shredding the meat.

It’s often flavored with a spice rub and cooked at a low temperature for several hours, resulting in tender meat that falls apart easily when pulled.

Pulled pork can be served alone as an entrée (with sides like coleslaw and baked beans) or as part of an assortment of Southern BBQ dishes that are typically paired with slaw, cornbread, and potato salad.

What to consider when choosing a sauce to serve with pulled pork?

There are so many different sauces to serve with pulled pork, but there are two things to consider when choosing one:

The flavor profile of your meat

If you’re making a spicy pulled pork with plenty of heat, then you might want a tangy sauce that will cut through some of that heat and make it more manageable.

If you have milder meat, think about what kind of flavors would pair well with your dish.

Think about how many people are eating and how much time you have for cooking

If it’s just for yourself or maybe even just for two or three people (or one awesome friend), then something simple like homemade barbecue sauce would be perfect.

If it is a big party, spend some time to make an impressive sauce ahead of time so that your guests won’t have to wait for too long when the food is served.

5 sauce recipes to serve with pulled pork

Here we come to the list of five best sauce recipes that go perfectly with pulled pork:

Traditional Barbecue Sauce

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When it comes to serving pulled pork, there is only one traditional sauce that has been used for centuries: barbecue sauce.

It’s the classic, and if you want to keep things simple, this is the way to go.

Traditional barbeque sauce is made from tomatoes, vinegar, sugar, and spices like onion powder and garlic powder.

You can find traditional barbecue sauce at most grocery stores as well as online if you want to purchase some right now!

Use 1-2 tablespoons of sauce for every pound of pork served.

That’s about 3-6 tablespoons per person depending on how much you’d like them to eat!

Traditional barbecue can be paired with anything from chicken wings and ribs all the way up to pulled pork sandwiches or tacos!

Mustard-Based Sauce

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The mustard-based sauce is a variation of traditional barbecue sauce and a good choice for pulled pork.

Mustard is not necessarily the first ingredient that comes to mind when you think about pairing with pulled pork, but it does work beautifully as an accompaniment.

The base for this sauce is brown sugar, which gives it a rich sweetness that balances out the tangy bite of the mustard and vinegar.

While simple in its ingredients, this sauce has an incredible depth of flavor that works well not just on pull pork but on other meats as well too!

Vinegar-Based Sauce

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Vinegar-based sauces are tangy and tart, which makes them a good complement to the sweetness of pulled pork.

Use this sauce as a dipping sauce to go with your pulled pork sandwiches or sliders, or use it as a marinade for the meat before you cook it.

This vinegar-based sauce can also be used as a basting sauce for your smoked meats during cooking.

If you like drizzling on tangy sauces with sweetened undertones, then this is the sauce for you!

Carolina Sweet and Spicy Sauce

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Carolina Sweet and Spicy Sauce is a great sauce to serve with pulled pork because it’s got a little bit of heat and a little bit of sweet, which is exactly what you want in a sauce.

The Carolina Sweet and Spicy Sauce is also made with no artificial flavors or preservatives, which means that there’s no chance of it tasting fake in any way.

You will use real North Carolina ingredients for this sauce recipe.

It’s also gluten-free.

You can use this sauce on anything from salads to sandwiches to even burgers!

Alabama White Barbecue Sauce

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Alabama white barbecue sauce is a simple vinegar-based sauce that’s a great accompaniment to pulled pork.

The sauce originated in Alabama (where you can find it at many grocery stores), and it’s used as a dip for pulled pork sandwiches.

It has horseradish, mayonnaise, and some spices blended together with vinegar to create its tangy flavor.

The ingredients are very similar to what you’d find in an old-fashioned style hot dog relish or brown mustard, but this version has no mustard seeds or turmeric coloring added.

The best thing about this sauce is that it’s so simple; all you need are equal parts of mayonnaise and vinegar plus some salt and pepper if needed—no sweat!

Sweet sauces go well with pulled pork because they balance out the salty meat; however, sour sauces tend to complement grilled meats better than sweet ones do because they cut through their heavy flavors without overpowering them too much (like adding ketchup would).


Well, there you have it.

Those are our top five sauces for pulled pork.

There are many more out there, so don’t feel like you need to restrict yourself to these five.

Remember that the whole point is to experiment and find what works best for your tastes!