6 Amazing Side Dishes To Accompany Pulled Chicken Sliders

pulled chicken slider side dish

Pulled chicken sliders are guaranteed to be a hit, and they’re so easy to make!

Plus, they can be served with a variety of sides to suit all your guests’ tastes.

So read on for some inspiration, your friends and family will thank you for it!

What are pulled chicken sliders?

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Pulled chicken sliders, as the name implies, are sliders that have pulled chicken in the filling.

Sliders are tiny hamburgers with a dimension about two inches across.

Chicken is often slow-roasted to make it easier to be pulled apart.

Shredded chicken is then mixed with some kind of sauce (normally BBQ sauce), and served with some veggies or cheese slices in the middle of a bun.

Pulled chicken sliders are packed with flavor and are easy to customize.

This affordable and versatile sandwich is perfect for a quick and easy meal or for parties and gatherings.

What to consider when choosing a side dish to serve with pulled chicken sliders?

There are many options to serve with pulled chicken sliders.

But with the following keys, you will not be overwhelmed with plenty of choices out there and be able to pick the best side dish to accompany your pulled chicken sliders:

It is great to serve pulled chicken sliders with on-the-go side dishes

Pulled chicken sliders are often treated as a party staple, therefore, it will be best to serve this dish with other foods that are easy to take away.

People at parties or picnics are likely to move around and chat with each other, so on-the-go dishes are more suitable in this case.

Choose a side dish based on the flavor profile of pulled chicken sliders

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing a side dish for pulled chicken sliders is to rely on the flavor profile of this dish.

There are no fixed recipes for a pulled chicken slider as you can use any type of sauce and ingredients for the filling.

This means your sliders can be sweet, spicy, creamy, or tangy.

6 best side dishes to serve with pulled chicken sliders

It’s time to delve into the six best side dishes that would be a perfect match with a pulled chicken slider:

1.    Grilled peppers

The first option is to serve your pulled chicken sliders with grilled peppers.

Bell peppers, especially the red variety, are the most common choice for grilling.

They are fleshy, sweet, tangy, and not spicy.

Therefore, even your kids can enjoy this dish without any problem.

Grilled peppers have a vibrant look and nutrient-dense content, making them a perfect choice to accompany the hearty little chicken burger.

2.    Chickpea salad

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Chickpeas are one of the most popular types of legume that is native to the Mediterranean region.

When it comes to this cuisine, we all think of high-quality and nutritious ingredients, and chickpeas are one of them.

Making salads from chickpeas is a good way to have a delicious dish without sacrificing all the nutrients.

They are also a rich source of protein, so you are sure to feel full after eating this side dish with pulled chicken sliders.

3.    Macaroni salad

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You can also serve your pulled chicken sliders with macaroni salad.

This type of salad is often made from elbow pasta, and also contains other elements like pickles, bell peppers, celery, hard-boiled eggs, sour cream, mustard, and vinegar.

The resulting mixture is flavorful, filling, and packed with flavor.

Macaroni salad is typically served with chicken dishes and will be a great on-the-go dish for picnics.

4.    French fries

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French fries are a classic American dish that is made by deep-frying potato sticks until golden and crispy.

They are also a staple item in any fast-food restaurant all over the world.

French fries can come in different flavors, such as plain, sweet, savory, or spicy depending on the powdered spice you use to sprinkle over the potatoes before serving.

Not only are they an amazing snack, but French fries are also a good side dish to accompany different meat-based dishes, like pulled chicken sliders.

5.    Creamy pasta

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Pasta has been a classic side dish option for many meat recipes.

Therefore, it is a good idea to serve pulled chicken sliders with a creamy pasta dish.

Literally, you can opt for different types of pasta, but spaghetti will be the best option.

Saute it with a creamy sauce that includes cheese, cream, and some kinds of spices or herbs to enhance the flavor of the dish.

6.    Mac and cheese

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Mac and cheese is a classic combination and side dish in American cuisine.

It will help fill your empty stomach and complement the flavor of pulled chicken sliders.

You can make your own mac and cheese or opt for the microwavable version that is sold in most grocery stores.

The bottom line

Now you know the six best side dishes that perfectly go with pulled chicken sliders.

Deciding which recipe is best for your or your family’s taste buds will be subjective.

So try them all to figure out the side dish (one or more) that everyone enjoys having with pulled chicken sliders.

They are bound to be a hit at your next gathering!

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