5 Side Dishes To Make Your Pulled Beef Better

pulled beef side dish

Pulled beef is a great way to start off your meal.

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However, this dish is not often eaten alone, but being a part of something or served along with one or several side dishes.

If you are wondering what goes best with pulled beef to make it taste better, keep reading for our five side dish ideas below.

What is pulled beef?

Pulled beef, or shredded beef, is a tough beef cut that is slow-cooked with spices (normally roasted) until the meat is juicy and tender, then pulled apart into small pieces with a fork or hands.

You can even use leftover beef from another meal for this recipe if you don’t have time to cook a fresh cut and don’t want to waste the leftover beef from the last dinner.

Shredded beef is often served or mixed with other ingredients or dishes rather than being eaten on its own.

What to consider when choosing a pulled beef’s side dish?

Pulled beef is easy to make, but the hardest part is to choose a good accompaniment to serve with this dish.

If you have no idea about how to know if you have a proper side dish for shredded beef, the following tips can help:

Serve your pulled beef with a starchy dish if you want to be fuller

Pulled beef might not be enough to fill your empty stomach.

Therefore, it is often served alongside a starchy dish like rice or bread.

Serve your pulled beef with vegetables for a healthier side

Another tip to choose a side dish for pulled beef is to opt for a vegetable-based recipe.

Some people find it hard to eat pulled beef alone because it might be too savory and greasy.

So a vegetable side dish is best to offset the flavor of the meat dish and make your meal healthier by providing essential nutrients that benefit our health in many ways.

5 best side dishes to serve with pulled beef

We are sure you are wondering what to serve with pulled beef.

What would be the perfect side dish for this tasty, juicy meal?

Consider these sides that are easy to make and can go from oven to table in no time:

1.     Buns

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The most common way to eat pulled beef is to serve it as a sandwich by placing pulled beef between two buns.

You can add some veggies to make this kind of sandwich healthier and more flavorful.

A pulled beef sandwich can work as a quick and nutritious breakfast, brunch, or even lunch or dinner.

2.     Corn tortillas

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If a pulled beef sandwich is not your favorite, then go with pulled beef tacos.

Serve your shredded beef with corn tortillas and some chopped vegetables and sauce, you can have a great-tasting taco in minutes to enjoy at any time of the day.

3.     Roasted vegetables

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Roasted vegetables can work as a good side dish to accompany your tender and juicy pulled beef.

Adding vegetables to your meal is an easy way to make your diet healthier and more nutritious.

The crunchy texture of most leafy greens can be a good addition to accompany tender meat too.

4.     Mac and cheese

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If you want to be fuller, serve your pulled beef with mac and cheese.

This creamy side dish is perfect to complement many types of meals, especially a savory dish like pulled beef.

There are also many recipes for mac and cheese with a twist on the use of spices, herbs, and types of cheese, which gives you a lot more options to stick with.

5.     Rice pilaf

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Our last suggestion is to serve your pulled beef with rice pilaf.

Rice pilaf is a common and favorite dish in South and Central Asia as well as in the Middle East.

This flavorful rice dish is easy to make and packed with flavor.

When mixed with shredded beef, rice pilaf is even better in both appearance and taste.

The bottom line

Pulled beef is delicious, but it is best to be paired with a side dish.

With our suggestions above, we believe that now you have more ideas to make your pulled beef taste even better.

The easiest way to enjoy tender and juicy pulled beef is to toss it into two buns or corn tortillas with some shredded veggies to have a quick and nutritious sandwich and taco.

 You can have other options like rice pilaf, mac and cheese, or roasted vegetables to serve alongside your shredded beef.

Try them by yourself and you will find out which side dish goes best with pulled beef in your opinion.