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Sulfur Smell from Pork Tenderloin? Here’s What You Need to Know

Pork tenderloin is a desirable cut of pork due to its tenderness, leanness, and versatility.

However, sometimes, you can smell the sulfur odor from your pork tenderloin, even when it is raw or cooked.

So what are the causes of this unpleasant scent and how to prevent this from happening again?

Let’s find the answer in this post.

Why does my pork tenderloin smell like sulfur?

Have you ever had your pork tenderloin cut or dish that smells like sulfur?

If yes, you must have asked yourself what causes this weird smell in this cut.

So refer to the following reasons to check why your pork tenderloin smells like rotten eggs:       

Bacterial infiltration

The meat, if being stored improperly, can have bacteria infiltrated.

Salmonella is one of the main types of bacteria that release gas with a rotten egg-like smell.

Pork tenderloin is placed next to other spoiled foods

It might also be because your pork tenderloin is placed next to other spoiled foods instead of the meat being spoiled on its own.

Some spoiled foods might produce an unpleasant rotten egg smell and affect the surroundings, including your pork tenderloin.

Therefore, always keep everything separate and covered completely so that you won’t end up with an unpleasant odor from other kinds of food.

Is it safe to eat pork tenderloin that smells like sulfur?

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Pork tenderloin that smells like sulfur is not always bad.

It depends on how bad your pork cut is besides just the eggy smell to decide whether to eat it or not.

Sometimes, the sulfur smells disappear when you place the pork tenderloin at room temperature on your kitchen counter, so it is safe to cook and eat your pork tenderloin.

But when the pork tenderloin comes with other signs of spoilage, it is not safe anymore and you won’t even tolerate the rotten smell and taste to cook and consume it.

How to get rid of the sulfur smell from pork tenderloin?

The sulfur smell is definitely not something that should appear in your meal.

However, sometimes, your pork tenderloin has a slight or pungent sulfur smell that makes the whole family feel unpleasant or even sick.

It will be a waste to encounter this situation again and again because pork tenderloin is one of the most expensive cuts of pork.

So here are our suggestions of the most common ways to get rid of this odor in your kitchen, especially in the pork tenderloin recipe, as well as saving some money:

Vacuum the package of pork tenderloin tightly before freezing it

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The way you store the pork tenderloin cut in your freezer can also be the reason that causes the rotten egg smell in the meat.

Therefore, it is best if you keep your eye on the freezing process.

The package that contains pork tenderloin should be vacuumed tightly with as much air out as possible.

Thaw the meat gradually in the fridge the previous night

Another thing you can do is to thaw the meat correctly to ensure its freshness and deliciousness,

You should have a plan of cooking your pork tenderloin so that it will be transferred from the freezer to the fridge a night before cooking.

Letting the meat gradually thaw in the fridge can lower the chance of getting your meat smelly.

Just put it on your kitchen counter at room temperature a couple of hours prior to cooking.

Rinse the pork thoroughly in vinegar and water before cooking the meat

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Before cooking your pork tenderloin, make sure that it is clean because the meat can get bacteria in the freezing and thawing processes.

It is best to rinse the pork with a solution of water and vinegar to remove any bad odor from the meat, and then rinse again with plain water to take any excess vinegar smell away.

The bottom line

As you can see, there are several reasons that make your pork tenderloin smell like sulfur, or rotten eggs, but they are not always bad.

Therefore, before tossing this expensive pork cut, give it a careful check to see if it is still safe to consume or not.

To avoid this rotten smell in your pork tenderloin, make sure that you choose a reputable place to buy it and check the quality of the package carefully before making the purchase.

Hopefully, you find our article helpful in providing you with some tips in getting rid of the sulfur flavor in your pork tenderloin.

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