6 Side Dishes That Go Perfectly With Pork Tamales

pork tamales side dish

Pork tamales are a delicious and hearty dish.

They’re the perfect combination of meat and masa, wrapped in corn husks to hold all the flavors together.

Whether you’re making them for your family or for a party full of friends, here are some great side dishes that will go perfectly with pork tamales!

What are pork tamales?

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Pork tamales are a delicious treat in Mexican cuisine.

It is made with fresh masa dough, lard, onions, garlic cloves and seasoning.

The pork is cut into large chunks and then cooked until tender before being mixed into the dough mixture.

The dough is then shaped into small balls or logs that are wrapped in corn husks or banana leaves before they are steamed for hours on end to make them soft enough to chew.

They can also be boiled instead of steamed if you prefer a firmer texture.

Once the tamales have cooled down, they can be eaten immediately or frozen for later consumption! There are many different variations of this dish including beef, chicken, shrimp and vegetarian versions where beans replace the meat filling altogether.

What to consider when choosing a pork tamales’ side dish?

Pork tamales are a delicious meal to enjoy with friends and family, but what side dish should you serve them with? Here are some things to consider when choosing a side dish for your next pork tamalera.

1. Consider the dish’s color and texture

You need to decide what side dish best suits the color and texture of your pork tamales.

If you’re serving them as an appetizer, then we would recommend choosing something light like lettuce or corn; but if it’s for dinner with rice on top (la Fonda), consider adding beans instead so that they don’t get lost in all those yummy flavors!

2. Side dish should complement the flavor of the tamales

A great side dish for your pork tamales should be flavorful and complementary to the flavor of these delicious, fluffy corn tamales.

Options range from traditional Mexican dishes such as frijoles (beans), cilantro chimichurri or even simple rice with vegetables that can go well too depending on what kind of meal you’re having!

3. The side dish shouldn’t overpower the taste of the tamales

When choosing a side dish to go with your pork tamales, you should consider the flavor.

It’s not that it doesn’t matter what kind of food is served–it just shouldn’t overpower or compete too much for attention against these delicious treats!

4. Make sure it goes well with your tamales’ protein

When you’re deciding what to serve with your favorite tamales, there are a few things that should be considered.

The dish needs to complement the protein in each individual corn flour dough wrap and also go well with its flavor profile so not only do they taste great but it’s an enjoyable experience for everyone at dinner!

5. Select a healthy option that will leave you feeling satisfied without overdoing it on carbs or fat

Pork Tamales are a delicious and healthy option for those looking to eat something more than just meats.

There is an endless variety of sides, so it’s best to choose one with plenty of flavor without too many carbs or fat options that will leave you feeling satisfied but not full after eating them all day long!

We recommend trying: –Fajita vegetablespeppers, onions & mushrooms cooked in oil together until they’re soft then added into your favorite fajitas recipe; OR-Black beans refried + topped w/cheddar cheese (recipe included on blog); etc.

6 best side dishes to serve with pork tamales

Pork tamales are a Mexican dish with a spicy taste and delicious flavor.

When you want to serve this dish, it is important to have the right-side dishes.

This article will give you some ideas on what sides would be good for pork tamales.

1. Rice

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Rice is considered as one of the best side dishes to serve with pork tamales and it doesn’t have an overpowering flavor.

Rice provides a neutral backdrop for most flavors, making this perfect dish in any type of cuisine!

2. Black beans

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Black beans are a highly nutritious and delicious side dish to serve with pork tamales.

In Mexico, black-eyed peas or “concha” as they’re called in Spanish is often served at family gatherings because it goes well with all those Mexican flavors!

They provide sweetness, fudgy texture and toothsome bite that complements pork so well!

3. Pico de Gallo 

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One of the best side dishes to serve with pork tamales is Pico de Gallo.

It has a refreshing and tangy taste that goes perfect as dips or salads for those who want something more creative than just tortilla chips!

4. Guacamole

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For those who love to munch on pork tamales, guacamole is one tasty side dish that will make your taste buds tingle with delight.

Conventional but delicious!

5. Salsa Verde

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Salsa Verde is an Italian sauce made from roasted green chilies, garlic and tomatillos simmered in water until it thickens.

Pork tamales are typically served with this tangy condiment which makes them even more delicious!

6. Cilantro lime rice

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Cilantro lime rice is considered as one of the best side dishes to serve with pork tamales, and it’s so easy! You just need some crips vegetables or meat – but not too much.

Cilantro will increase your appetite for more while also adding freshness in every bite; because what would be better than biting into a juicy piece that has been fried up crispy?

These 6 dishes will add an extra layer of flavor to your meal so everyone can enjoy their meal even more!


Pork tamales are the perfect dish for family dinners or parties! We hope this post has been helpful to you! Whether you’re making pork tamales for your family or a party, we’ve suggested some great side dishes that will go perfectly with them.

Now all you need is the recipe and sometime in the kitchen.

Have fun!

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