6 Side Dishes To Elevate Your Pork Roast

pork roast side dish

When planning your next dinner party, consider serving a delicious pork roast.

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This cut of meat is perfect for a large gathering, and there are plenty of ways to serve it.

In this blog post, we will discuss some of the six best side dishes to serve with your pork roast.

So read on for ideas that will make your party a success!

What is a pork roast?

A pork roast can refer to a cut of pork or a dish in which pork is roasted.

In a roasting recipe, a well-marbled and tough cut of pork is marinated and slow-roasted in the oven until it has a nice crispy golden crust, while the meat is juicy and tender.

Pork shoulder, pork loin, pork ham, or pork rib are some common cuts of pork that are ideal for roasting.

What to consider when choosing a pork roast’s side dish?

Pork roast is a delicious dish that can be served with many different side dishes.

However, not all side dishes are created equal.

There are some important factors that you should consider when choosing a side dish for your pork roast and make sure that everyone will enjoy your meal comfortably:

Choose a side dish based on the flavor profile of your pork roast

Pork roast can come in different flavor profiles because it can be marinated with any spice or sauce you like.

Therefore, when choosing a side dish to accompany your pork roast, you should rely on the flavor profile of your main course to make sure that your meal will be balanced and delicious.

Consider the number of people who will be at your party

Another thing to keep in mind when picking a side dish for your pork roast is to take into account the number of people who will eat your meal.

This can help you know how much of each ingredient is enough to serve everyone and no one will leave your party hungry and disappointed.

You should make it enough instead of having a lot of leftovers.

6 best side dishes to serve with pork roast

Let’s check out the following six side dishes and see which one works best with pork roast:

1.     Casserole

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A casserole is a classic side dish in Southern cuisine.

This creamy dish is just so versatile because you can add different ingredients to the recipe before topping it with cheese for a rich and cheesy finish.

However, the casserole is relatively high in fat and calories, so it should only be added to your treat meal occasionally to keep your weight in line.

2.     Mac and cheese

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Another comfort food that is packed with flavor and a satisfying creamy texture is mac and cheese.

This classic combination can immediately satisfy your hunger, and make your pork roast more hearty.

But once again, despite the deliciousness of this dish, it is not suitable for a daily meal at all due to the high number of calories.

3.     Lentil soup

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You can also serve your pork roast with a lentil soup for a hearty winter meal.

A lentil soup can literally warm your soul and your heart with delicious flavors.

Lentils are also a nutritious type of vegetable so you will not only have a mouth-watering but also a healthy side to accompany your pork roast.

4.     Mashed cauliflower

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Mashed cauliflower is another good candidate to serve with pork roast.

If you find the classic mashed potatoes are a bit heavy, mashed cauliflower will be a great alternative.

Mashed cauliflower can pair perfectly with a roast meat recipe, and it can also help keep you fuller.

5.     Couscous fruit salad

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Do you want to serve your pork roast with a salad?

Couscous fruit salad is a great way to have both healthy carbs from couscous and vitamins, minerals from fruits.

Some common choices of fruits that you can add to this recipe are mango, dates, dried cranberries, raisins, or apricots.

The flavorful taste and colorful appearance of this salad can definitely make your taste buds happy.

6.     Roasted veggies

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Last but not least, a roasted veggie recipe is always considered one of the top choices to accompany a meat-based dish.

Roasted veggies are easy to make and very nutritious.

They can easily offset the rich and savory taste of your pork roast and make your meal more enjoyable.

The bottom line

We have compiled the best six side dishes to serve with the succulent delicious pork roast.

With a variety of ways to serve this main course, you can make your meal with pork roast tastier without any fuss.

Whether you want a filling and hearty dish like a casserole and lentil soup, or a light salad and vegetable side dish, we have got you covered.

Give them a try and let us know which companion works best with your pork roast!