6 Best Pork Rind Substitutes You Should Try

If you have been looking for a substitute for pork rinds, look no further than this article.

The following suggestions will help you replace this classic snack in case you are unable to find it in your local grocery store without giving up on the crunchy texture and savory taste.

Read on to figure out what they are.

What are pork rinds?

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First, let’s learn something about pork rinds.

So what are they?

Pork rinds are actually pork skins that have been dried until all the fat under the skin is rendered and the skin becomes crispy and puffy.

Despite the deep-frying process, pork rinds turn out to be a healthy snack option.

They are high in protein, high in healthy fat (the same as fatty acids found in avocado or olive oil), but contain zero carbs.

This is why pork rinds are favored by people who are following a keto diet which is low in carb and high in fat.

Pork rinds can be eaten plain; soaked in powdered spices like salt, pepper, or cayenne pepper; or dipped in sauces like ranch dressing.

They can be used in different ways too.

For example, pork rinds can be eaten straight as a snack, ground to replace breadcrumbs, and topped salads or sandwiches to add a crunchy texture.

Now, you can easily buy a package of pork rinds in any grocery store or supermarket.

They come in different sizes and flavors to satisfy any palate.

Otherwise, buy some pork skins to make pork rinds from scratch at home.

Can you substitute pork rinds in cooking recipes?

Pork rinds are a versatile product that is not only tasty but also healthy.

It is sad to not find this item in your local stores.

Don’t worry, there are many other options to substitute for pork rinds without sacrificing the flavor, texture, and health impacts.

Depending on your diet or preference, you can opt for other similar products that are made from other animals’ skins like chicken or a plant-based substitute.

What can you use to substitute for pork rinds?

Here are the six best pork rinds substitutes that you can try making at home or buy from any grocery store:

1. Fried chicken skins

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Fried chicken skins are the closest substitute for pork rinds.

Instead of frying pork skins, you fry chicken skins to achieve the same crunchy and puffy texture.

When frying chicken skin, it is best to take the skin from the breast or thighs because it will come out easily and intact.

After that, you can flat the skin out on a baking sheet to bake it or deep-fry it in hot oil.

Don’t take the skin from the wings section as it might mess things up.

2. Cheese crisps

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You can also use cheese crisps in place of pork rinds.

Cheese crisps, or cheese chips, are also another staple in any keto diet.

They are high in fat, protein, calcium, B-vitamins, but low in carbs.

Cheese crisps can be made from any kind of cheese depending on your preference.

They have a salty taste without needing to be seasoned.

3. Potato chips

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Potato chips are a classic that has been around for centuries.

This item can greatly substitute for pork rinds if you want to go vegan.

Potato chips are thinly sliced potatoes that are baked or deep-fried until these pieces are crispy.

After that, they are seasoned with whatever you like, typically salt, pepper, or chili powder.

4. Fried rice paper

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Another great substitute for pork rinds is fried rice paper.

This simple vegan ingredient actually works great to replace pork rinds.

Rice paper is a staple in Asian cuisine, therefore, you can find this product in any Asian market or grocery store.

Just slice it into small pieces and deep-fry them in hot oil until these rice paper pieces are crunchy.

Normally, it is very quick to achieve crispy fried rice paper because it is very thin and already cooked.

5. Almond meal

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Almond meal can work as a substitute for pork rinds in some cases.

Almond meal is actually ground unpeeled almonds.

It has a powder-like texture but is not that smooth.

Therefore, you can use almond meal to replace pork rinds as bread crumbs for breading rather than eating them as a snack.

6. Fried chickpeas

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The last thing we would like to recommend is fried chickpeas.

Chickpeas are a rich source of protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals that are ideal for our health.

They are a staple in any vegan diet.

Chickpeas are already crunchy, so you might need to saute them until they are cooked and have a beautiful golden color.

The bottom line

Pork rinds can be a favorite of anyone because they are delicious and healthy too.

But chances are you cannot find this product sometimes because it is out of stock.

Don’t worry, our six best substitutes for pork rinds, including vegan-friendly alternatives will satisfy your taste buds when you crave some crunchy and salty snacks.

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