5 Easy And Delicious Side Dishes To Pair With Pork Piccata

pork piccata side dish

When it comes to what to serve with pork piccata, there are a few different ways of thought.

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No matter what you approach, one thing is for sure is that this delicious dish deserves the best accompaniments that we have them all here.

Read on to learn more about pork piccata and the five easy but amazing side dishes to pair with it.

What is pork piccata?

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Pork piccata is a variation of the traditional veal piccata dish that originated in Italian cuisine.

It is often made with a lean cut of pork like pork loin and pork tenderloin that is cooked in a piccata sauce and capers.

Piccata sauce can be made at home without any fuss from easy-to-find ingredients like unsalted butter, white wine, chicken broth, olive oil, and lemon juice.

You can also find jars of pre-made piccata sauce in many grocery stores.

Pork piccata has a flavorful taste that is buttery, tangy, savory, and earthy from all the ingredients.

What to consider when choosing a side dish to serve with pork piccata?

Pork piccata can work with a variety of side dishes, but the following tips can help you always make sure that your combination is just right:

Pork piccata is great on the side of a starchy side dish

Pork piccata has a saucy texture because the meat is cooked in a creamy, buttery, and tangy sauce.

Therefore, when serving this dish with a starchy accompaniment, the sauce and all the flavors can be easily absorbed and result in a flavorful meal.

Pork piccata can be served with vegetables for a balanced and nutritious meal

You can also opt for different types of vegetables to serve with pork piccata.

The possibilities are endless, so just choose what the whole family loves and everyone will enjoy your meal.

The nutritional content and refreshing flavor of vegetables can offset the rich and savory taste of pork piccata and make your meal more balanced.

5 best side dishes to serve with pork piccata

Here are the five recipes for the best side dishes that go well with pork piccata on any occasion:

1.     Rice

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Rice is a common side dish in Asian cuisine.

It is typically cooked with water until the grain is cooked through and soft.

After that, you can serve it plain or fry with soy sauce and chopped vegetables for a more flavorful and colorful version.

There are also numerous types of rice to stick with, which means you will have a range of options to consider.

The starchy texture of rice (no matter how it is cooked) will perfectly absorb the piccata sauce to result in a balanced and delicious meal.

2.     Pasta

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Pasta is one of the signature dishes in Italian cuisine, and it goes perfectly with a saucy and creamy dish like pork piccata.

Top your boiled or sauteed pasta with pork piccata and you will have a hearty and nutritious meal in no time.

3.     Crusty bread

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Another starchy option to serve with pork piccata is crusty bread.

This type of bread is hard enough to soak up the ingredients of the main dish and can help keep you full for a while.

Crusty bread can be made at home or bought from many bakeries or grocery stores.

4.     Grilled asparagus

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Vegetables are also an important ingredient to complete your meal with pork piccata.

You will want to try grilled asparagus in this case.

This type of veggie has a firm and crunchy texture with the tube shape, making it perfect for grilling.

Asparagus is very nutritious too, and its flavor is described as between cabbage and green beans, which is sweet, a little bitter, and earthy.

5.     Spinach salad

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The second vegetable-based side dish as well as our last suggestion to pair with pork piccata is spinach salad.

The most common way to consume spinach is eating it raw, and there is no limit for a spinach salad.

You can add whatever you like to mix with spinach and a dressing to result in a healthy dish without sacrificing flavor.

The bottom line

We have listed the five best recipes to serve with pork piccata.

They are all simple to make at home and the flavors of these dishes are bound to please.

So what are you waiting for?

Let’s start cooking now!