4 Best Pork For Grilling: What Cut Of Pork Is Best For Grilling?

pork for grilling

Grilling season is in full swing, and it’s time to get that grill fired up for some great-tasting pork.

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But what type of pork should you choose?

This post will tell you everything about the best cuts of pork for grilling and some tips to choose these cuts the next time you go shopping.

How to choose pork for grilling?

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Pork is a versatile kind of meat that is perfect for grilling.

It goes well with different sauces or even just a little salt and pepper.

Choosing pork for grilling is not difficult, but there are some things you should keep your eyes on to have the best cut of pork for your grill party:

1.    A thick cut of pork is perfect for grilling

Grilling takes time, so it will be fine to opt for a thick cut of pork.

If your cut of pork is too thin, it might easily get burnt, while grilling a thick cut of pork will result in a crispy and brown crust with juicy medium meat.

A thick cut will also be sweeter in flavor compared to a too-thin pork cut.

2.    It is best to buy a cut with marbling fat and a moderately tender texture

The best cut for grilling will be a cut with a perfect marbling fat content.

A sufficient amount of fat is enough to moisten the meat, making it juicier and more flavorful without being too greasy.

Moreover, the ideal texture for grilling is moderately tender to tender because a tough cut will take a lot of time to cook.

3.    Buy fresh pork instead of frozen cuts 

Another tip to choose the best pork for grilling is to buy a fresh cut of pork instead of a frozen one.

A frozen cut, after being thawed, often ends up with a watery texture and the meat might taste milder than a fresh cut of pork.

When shopping for pork, you can look for it in a reputable local butcher shop to buy fresh pork without any weird identification.

Best pork for grilling

Since there are many pork cuts available on the market, you might find it hard to try every cut that meets the aforementioned standards.

Don’t worry, we have compiled a list of the best pork cuts for grilling so that the next time going to a local butcher shop or grocery store, you just need to find one of these cuts by applying our tips above to have the best cut for your grill:

1.    Pork tenderloin

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Pork tenderloin is the most tender cut of pork.

It contains almost no fat and the muscle does little work, making it very tender when properly cooked.

Pork tenderloin is perfect for any quick and dry-heat cooking recipe like roasting or grilling rather than cooking in liquid for hours because it is a tender cut that doesn’t need hours to be able to melt in your mouth.

2. Pork chops (boneless or bone-in)

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Pork chops are another popular cut for grilling, especially bone-in pork chops.

However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot opt for the boneless version.

Pork chops actually come from the loin section with a portion of lean meat and a thin layer of fat on one side.

This cut can be tender and juicy when cooked to medium-rare on the grill.3.    Pork shoulder

You can also use pork shoulder for grilling because this is a tender cut that produces succulent meat after being slow-cooked.

Moreover, pork shoulder is an affordable cut that can be added to your weeknight menu.

3.    Pork ribs

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Pork ribs are prized for their flavorful taste, making them perfect for grilling.

They are relatively expensive but the texture and flavor are worth the price.

To prevent your pork ribs from getting dry while grilling, you should give them occasional bastes of a marinade like a barbecue sauce.

One of the tips is blanching pork ribs before grilling them so that your meat will be cooked evenly and become more tender.

4.    Pork belly

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Last but not least, if you are looking for a more flavorful and fattier cut of pork for grilling, then pork belly is a great choice.

This is a cut from the belly of the pig, hence the name, and is typically used to make bacon or be braised.

In Asian cooking, pork belly is one of the top options for grilling, even a thick cut or thinly sliced.

The rendered fat from this cut even helps grease your grill grate so that the grilled meat won’t stick to it and become messy.

The bottom line

If you are looking for a tasty and easy meal, look no further than the grill.

The key to grilling pork is all about choosing the right cut of meat.

We hope our tips have helped when you go shopping the next time for your next grilling party or BBQ!

Which one do you think would taste best?

Let us know in the comments below!