4 Best Pork For Goulash: How Do You Make Pork Goulash Better?

pork for goulash

When you are cooking traditional Hungarian goulash, you will need a good cut of meat.

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Although beef is a classic option, pork is not a bad idea to spice up your meal with this stew.

Take a look at our buying guide and the best cuts of pork for goulash so that the next time making this dish will be a piece of cake.

How to choose pork for goulash?

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Choosing the right cut of pork for goulash is not that hard.

The key to making a good goulash is in the meat, so use the high-quality cut of meat and you can get the best soup out of the pot.

Let’s figure out the tips to choose pork for goulash:

1.     Buy fresh organic pork for a more nutritious and delicious goulash

Fresh meat is the top choice whenever you want to make a meat dish.

Fresh pork has a bright pink color with a soft texture, which results in a naturally sweet flavor and tender texture after being slow-cooked.

Organic pork is even better because it is produced from the pig that has been raised with an organic diet and without antibiotics or hormones.

A fresh cut of organic pork is often pricier than the average cut of regular pork.

However, it is worth the price because the meat is more delicious, nutritious, and healthier.

2.     A tough cut and tender cut of pork can both work, but the first option is more economical

Another tip to keep in mind when choosing the pork for goulash is that you can choose between a tough cut and a tender cut of pork.

Both can work, but a tender pork cut is often more expensive, while a tough cut is more affordable.

After several hours of cooking, both cuts can result in a tender texture so you can save some money by buying a tough cut of pork.

3.     Trim any excess fat from the cut before cooking it in the goulash

There are some cuts of pork that come with a generous amount of fat.

Therefore, if you want to use these cuts for goulash, it is better to trim the excess fat with a sharp knife before cooking with other ingredients so that your stew will not be greasy.

You’ll want to brown pork cubes too before adding them to the liquid so that the meat can have a beautiful color when served.

4 best pork for goulash

Now, let’s see what cuts of pork you should look for the next time going shopping for ingredients to make goulash:

1.     Pork shoulder

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Pork shoulder is a good cut in both price and flavor.

It comes with a good amount of fat so that the meat will be juicier and more flavorful when cooked.

Pork shoulder is also an economical way to add protein to your diet without breaking your budget.

2.     Boneless pork chops

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You can also use boneless pork chops for a perfect goulash.

Pork chops when sold without the bones are like thin pieces of pork loin.

It is easier to cook pork chops and the long cooking time will help tenderize the meat without much effort.

3.     Pork sirloin roast

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Pork sirloin roast is a lean cut that is more affordable than a tenderloin, and it is often cooked to medium-rare so that the meat is tender while still being juicy.

Although the best way to cook pork sirloin roast is roasting, it can be stewed in a goulash until the meat is tender.

4.     Pork tenderloin

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Pork tenderloin is the leanest and most tender cut of pork that is perfect for any cooking method.

It comes from the center of the loin cut and is smaller in size than a pork loin cut.

Pork tenderloin is also more expensive than most cuts of pork, and it can melt in your mouth when properly cooked.

Although it might be unnecessary to choose a tender cut of pork for stewing, if you can afford a pork tenderloin, it is still a great option.

The bottom line

Pork is a great protein option for your goulash in case you want a new flavor profile.

We have compiled the list of the best pork cuts for goulash, so you can try between pork shoulder, pork chops, sirloin roast, or a tenderloin.

Remember that a fresh cut of organic pork is always the best choice no matter what cut of pork you opt for.

Hope your next pork goulash will be successful!