7 Types Of Vegetables To Make With Pork Chops

pork chop vegetable side dish

Pork chops are delicious, but they can be bland and tough if improperly cooked.

Luckily, there are plenty of vegetables that go well with them and help complement your dish.

I’ve come up with a list of vegetable suggestions to help you figure out which veggie is right for you to serve with pork chops.

Let’s check it out!

What are pork chops?

Pork Loin Chop Bone-In Step 1

Pork chops are cut from the center of the loin and can be cooked in many different ways.

Pork chops are lean and generally quite tender, making them a great choice for a quick meal or as part of a larger dish.

There are two types of pork chop: bone-in and boneless.

Boneless pork chops are more common, but both can be cooked in any number of ways.

One of the most common ways to cook pork chops is to pan-fry them over medium-high heat until they’re browned on both sides, then lower the heat and continue cooking until they’re done.

This method is similar to cooking steak: you want to sear the outside for flavor, but you don’t want to overcook it so much that it’s dry inside.

Pork chops are typically served as the main course with other sides like rice, vegetables, and gravy.

What to consider when choosing vegetables to serve with pork chops?

When choosing a vegetable to serve with pork chops, consider

The flavor of both the pork chop dish and the vegetables

You want them to work well together, so choose a vegetable that has a similar taste or the one that can complement your main course.

For example, if you’re preparing a stewed pork chop recipe with a smoky flavor profile and some barbecue sauce on top of it, you may want to pair it with an earthy vegetable like carrots or potatoes.

If you’re serving your pork chops with Asian-inspired flavors like soy sauce and ginger juice, then maybe go for something crunchier like green beans or broccoli florets instead.

The color of vegetables

If you’re going for color contrast between your main entrée and side dish (which is always recommended), then think about how colorful they are—the brighter they are in comparison to each other means more visual appeal on the plate!

You can also add variety by mixing different types of vegetables together; pairing red bell peppers with corn kernels, or combining yellow squash slices along with broccoli florets.

7 best types of vegetables to serve with pork chops

Now, let’s figure out the seven vegetables that are great to serve with pork chops and how to cook them:

Baby carrots

Fresh Brand – Cut and Peeled Baby Carrots, 16 oz

Baby carrots are great as a side dish to pork chops.

They’re easy to prepare, and they’re a good source of vitamin A and C, as well as fiber.

They have a sweet flavor that pairs well with the saltiness of the pork chop, but they also have enough flavor on their own that they can stand up to your favorite sauce or seasoning without being overpowered by it.

You can roast baby carrots or make some glazed carrots from this ingredient to have a healthy and yummy side dish to enjoy with pork chops.

Caramelized onions

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Caramelized onions are a delicious and simple way to enhance your pork chop recipe.

To caramelize onions, you’ll first need to slice them into thin strips. You can do this with a knife or food processor.

Then, heat some butter in a skillet on medium-high heat until it melts, then add the onion rings and season them lightly with salt and pepper.

Let these cook until they are soft and golden brown (about 20 minutes).

This method is great for serving alongside grilled pork chops or even steak!


Fresh Brand – Red Potatoes, 5 lb

Potatoes are a versatile kind of root veggie to serve with pork chops, as they’re high in vitamin C, potassium, and magnesium.

The USDA reports that potatoes contain about seven percent of your daily recommended value for vitamin C and five percent for potassium.

They also provide 8 percent of your daily recommended iron intake.

Potatoes are an excellent source of vitamin B6; they contain 22 milligrams per cup cooked and many other essential nutrients.

When it comes to cooking potatoes, you can bake them, boil them, fry them in a pan, or make them into chips.

You can add butter or olive oil and salt and pepper to make roasted potatoes, or add sour cream and chives to make mashed potatoes.


Broccoli Florets, 12oz

Broccoli is an excellent choice too.

It’s quick to prepare and can be served with the pork chops perfectly.

To prepare broccoli, remove any leaves by cutting them off with kitchen shears.

Then cut off the stems at the point where they meet the florets. Rinse both parts under cold running water and pat dry with paper towels.

To cook, steam for about five minutes or until tender but still crisp (you’ll know it’s done when you pierce it easily with a fork).

At this point, you can either eat it raw in salads or add it to other dishes like soups and stews, or even stir-fry if you’re feeling ambitious!

Broccoli is also well-known for being rich in nutrients, so you won’t have to sacrifice your health while eating this veggie with your pork chops.


365 by Whole Foods Market, Asparagus Spears, 12 Ounce

Asparagus is a great side dish for pork chops because of the way it combines with the meat.

Asparagus has a relatively neutral flavor and texture, which means that it can be cooked in any number of ways without affecting the taste of your main course.

It’s also a vegetable that’s high in fiber, vitamin K, vitamin C, and folate while low in cholesterol, so it’s a great choice for those following a healthy diet.

It adds a nice crunch that is so satisfying when eating with tender and juicy pork chops.

Green Beans

Amazon Brand - Happy Belly Cut Green Beans, No Salt Added, 15 Ounce

Green beans are another good choice as a vegetable to serve with pork chops.

These vegetables contain vitamins and minerals that can be beneficial to your health, such as vitamin C, vitamin A, and potassium.

They also have low calories and high fiber content which makes them the perfect addition to any meal plan!

Green beans can be cooked in numerous ways, from steaming to roasting or stir-frying.


365 by Whole Foods Market, Organic Baby Spinach Salad, 5 Ounce

Vegetables like spinach are great food sources because they are easy to make and contain vitamins that your body needs every day.

Spinach contains many vitamins, minerals, and fiber, as well as many other nutrients.

It is also easy to cook in a pan on the stove or in an oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about 15 minutes.

You can even it spinach raw in a variety of salad recipes.


There are so many options out there and how to choose?

Well, let’s take a look at some of the most popular choices above, and try them yourself.

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