7 Side Dishes For The Best Pork Braciole’s Side Dishes

pork braciole side dish

We are here to help you answer the question of what to serve with pork braciole that many housewives have asked themselves.

Check out the side dishes in this article for your next dinner party or family gathering.

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What is pork braciole?

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If you are an Italian or a big fan of Italian cuisine, you might be especially interested in pork braciole.

This Italian dish gets its name “braciole” which refers to “armlet” or “bracelet” because the pork is rolled up like a bracelet.

The most common cut for this recipe is a lean cut like pork loin or tenderloin.

Pork, after being rolled, will be pan-fried with a little oil until the meat is cooked thoroughly without being too dry, and the outer has a nice sear.

Pork braciole can also include cheese and herb in the middle for a more flavorful and cheesy version.

The resulting dish is sliced into medium-sized pieces and served with other sides for a hearty meal.

Pork braciole can be found in most Italian or Italian-American restaurants.

What to consider when choosing a pork braciole’s side dish?

Choosing the right side dish for your pork braciole is an important decision.

Too many people end up making a boring and bland side dish to serve with their delicious pork meat.

Boring sides are no fun and will make your meal less enjoyable as a whole.

In order to not let that happen, here are some tips from us:

Are you looking for something healthy and light, or a more traditional and heavier side?

Before making a side dish, just ask yourself if you want a light and healthy accompaniment like vegetables or a heavier one that is traditionally served in Italian cuisine like pasta and sauce.

When you have the answer to this question, at least you know what recipe to look for to pair with pork braciole.

Check if there is any diet restriction such as gluten intolerance to make the most proper side dish

Another thing to consider when making or ordering a side dish for pork braciole is to make sure that your dishes won’t upset anyone around the table due to their diet restriction.

For example, some people have gluten intolerance, so it is not ideal to serve some grain dishes like rice or pasta to them.

7 best side dishes to serve with pork braciole

We have gathered the seven best side dishes that are perfect to serve with pork braciole, let’s check them out!

1.     Pasta

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Pasta is one of the most classic side dishes to serve with your pork braciole.

It is also a staple in Italian cuisine, meaning that you can find pasta everywhere in Italy.

There are different ways to cook this ingredient, but simply boiling it and serving it with pork braciole is just enough to make your meal better.

2.     Tomato sauce

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Another common side dish to serve with pork braciole is tomato sauce.

Tomato sauce is best to drizzle over those pork slices with some pasta on the same plate too.

Tomato sauce can be made from scratch without any fuss, or you can opt for the store-bought version for more convenience.

3.     Mashed potatoes

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Pork braciole go well with a starchy side dish, so you can also pair it with mashed potatoes.

Mashed potatoes are a staple in Western cuisine, and this dish is very easy to make.

The slightly sweet and rich taste, plus the smooth texture of mashed potatoes go well with the savory dish of pork braciole.

4.     Cucumber salad

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For those who are looking for a lighter and healthier side dish, a cucumber salad is a way to go to accompany pork braciole.

The crunchy texture and refreshing taste of a cucumber salad put a perfect addition to your meal with pork braciole.

5.     Roasted vegetables

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Another vegetable-based side dish that goes well with pork braciole is roasted vegetables.

You can opt for different kinds of veggies for roasting, such as potatoes, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, or asparagus.

6.     Baked ziti

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Baked ziti is the next suggestion from us.

This is also an Italian staple that often consists of a bit of ground beef, ricotta cheese or Parmesan cheese, garlic, eggs, and bread crumbs with spices, which makes it really flavorful.

The contrast in the texture of this dish (crispy on top and the outside and soft inside) is really satisfying, and the flavorful taste also works well with pork braciole.

7.     Cioppino

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A seafood side dish can also work as a great option if you want to spice up your meal with something refreshing with an extra punch.

This dish is famous in both Italy and America, especially in San Francisco.

Cioppino can be made with different kinds of seafood, but typically calls for shrimp, clam, red snapper, or bass, which is cooked in a tomato-based broth.

The flavorful and pleasant fishy taste is just perfect to balance the meaty taste of pork braciole.

The bottom line

Pork braciole are great to serve with different side dishes, as we have mentioned.

Hopefully, you are happy with our list and will give each of these companions a try when you have pork braciole on the table.

Which one works best for your family’s taste buds?

Tell us in the comments below!

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