7 Pork Adobo Side Dishes To Impress Your Family

pork adobo side dish

Pork adobo is one of the most popular Filipino dishes and it is easy to see why.

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There are endless ways to serve adobo, but we have listed the seven side dishes that stand out from the crowd.

So read on and grab some ideas on what to serve with pork adobo and make this dish even tastier without any fuss.

What is pork adobo?

If you have ever been to the Philippines, one of the country’s most popular dishes is undoubtedly pork adobo.

This dish is made of slices of pork (normally pork belly) that is marinated in soy sauce, garlic, and vinegar.

Onions are added in some cases depending on preference.

The meat is then stewed until tender and can melt in your mouth.

The resulting dish has a flavorful and tangy taste from the spices and ingredients, making it perfect to serve with other milder-flavored side dishes.

What to consider when choosing a pork adobo’s side dish?

When it comes to adobo, there are so many delicious side dishes that you can choose from.

But with diverse options, which one should you go for?

We have taken a look and listed down some key factors to consider when choosing a good companion for your pork adobo:

Pork adobo can be served with an Asian or Western side dish

The good news is that your Filipino pork adobo can be served with either an Asian side dish or a Western accompaniment.

It all depends on your preference to choose a suitable side dish from either cuisine to complement your pork adobo.

Consider between a starchy side or a vegetable dish to pair with your pork adobo

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing a side dish for your pork adobo is to opt for a starchy side dish or a vegetable companion.

A starchy side dish will be more suitable if you are looking for something filling and can keep you fuller.

Meanwhile, vegetables provide a refreshing flavor that can easily offset the savory taste of your pork dish.

7 best side dishes to serve with the pork adobo

Here are the seven side dishes that are perfect to serve with pork adobo:

1.     Steamed rice

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Steamed white rice is a classic side dish in Asian cuisine, especially in Southeast Asian countries.

It typically accompanies a savory dish, especially a meat-based entree.

Steamed rice is also an economical way to serve with pork adobo while still making you enjoy the meal and feeling full for a long time.

2.     Quinoa

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You can also try serving your pork adobo with quinoa, as a healthier alternative for rice.

Quinoa is native to South America, but it has become more popular and easier to find in other parts of the world.

This grain has a milder and more nutty flavor and is much lower in sugar and carbs than white rice, making it preferred by many people.

3.     Noodles

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Another Asian favorite side dish to serve with pork adobo is noodles.

Noodles are made from rice flour, so they have a mild flavor and a starchy but smoother texture than rice.

Noodles can be boiled then served directly, or sauteed before serving.

No matter how they are cooked, noodles are perfect to balance the savory taste of pork adobo.

4.     Mashed potatoes

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If you are American, mashed potatoes are too familiar because this side dish appears in almost any meal across the country.

When people from Asia often eat rice or other types of grain-based products as the main starch to keep them full, Westerners, especially Americans, have mashed potatoes.

Mashed potatoes can be made in a couple of minutes by mashing boiled potatoes with milk, cream, spices, and herbs to result in a smooth, creamy, and mildly sweet dish to enjoy with your pork adobo.

5.     Coleslaw

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Coleslaw is an easy salad that could be served on the side of any meat-based dish.

Shredded cabbage and carrot are mixed together with a light coat of mayonnaise to give it a tangy and creamy taste without being heavy or greasy.

Coleslaw also exists in different variants depending on personal or culinary preference.

6.     Green salad

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Green salads are a healthy way to add flavors and nutrients to your meal.

This kind of salad can be done effortlessly because it only requires raw veggies without needing to cook them.

What you need to do is choose your favorite types of vegetables or fruits and a delicious salad dressing.

7.     Sauteed veggies

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Sauteed veggies are an easy and quick dish to make to accompany your pork adobo.

You better opt for some leafy greens like broccoli, green beans, asparagus, or even mushrooms for sauteing.

These veggie options also work well with garlic, so don’t forget to add some chopped garlic to your saute recipe for a more flavorful taste.

The bottom line

Adobo is a dish that Filipinos have been enjoying for many years.

It is easy to make, and there are endless ways to serve it up.

In this blog post, we have compiled the list of the seven best side dishes that would pair perfectly with pork adobo.

From a filling side like rice or noodles to a light salad to accompany pork adobo, you have many options to choose from to satisfy different taste buds’ preferences.

So it’s time to get cooking and decide which side dish goes best with your tender and juicy pork adobo.