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6 Side Dish Ideas For Your Chicken Marbella

Popcorn chicken is a great snack to serve at any party, game night or any time of the day.

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It can be served with numerous side dishes, not stopping at some classic sauces like ketchup or mayo.

Keep reading our article to know more about popcorn chicken and the six best side dishes to serve with this easy but delicious snack.

What is popcorn chicken?

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Popcorn chicken is a type of chicken dish that originated in the southern United States.

It is typically made from the chicken breast that is cut into small bite-sized pieces that are coated in flour and deep-fried until golden brown and crispy.

Popcorn chicken can come in different flavors, such as spicy, sweet and sour, or savory, depending on what spices you use to marinate the meat or the sauce that you toss the popcorn chicken into before serving.

Popcorn chicken is a common appetizer or snack and can be served hot or at room temperature.

What to consider when choosing a popcorn chicken’s side dish?

When choosing a side dish for your popcorn chicken and making it more special, there are several factors to consider.

For example, nobody wants a bowl of popcorn chicken placed next to a plate of roasted beef or buffalo wings because it will be too savory and greasy.

So here are our suggestions to help you choose the right side dish for popcorn chicken:

Popcorn chicken should come with a kind of dipping sauce if it is served plain

There are many recipes for popcorn chicken.

They can come with different flavors, but in case chicken is just simply deep-fried without any sauce, you should choose a dipping sauce as a side dish for this snack.

A dipping sauce can be some kind of store-bought sauce or a mixture of several ingredients.

No matter what it is, a dipping sauce served alongside popcorn chicken is meant to add flavor to your dish.

Popcorn chicken goes well with sweet and savory flavors

It depends on your preference to choose the taste of your side dish for popcorn chicken.

This snack goes with both sweet and savory options, so you have many sides to choose from.

Consider choosing vegetable side dishes with a green color to have a more beautiful presentation and nutritious meal

Popcorn chicken is great, but it is kind of unhealthy because of the deep-frying method.

Therefore, it is best if you serve this dish with vegetables so that the refreshing flavor of veggies can balance the greasy taste of your popcorn chicken and provide you with more healthy nutrients.

Moreover, most kinds of vegetables have a green color which is in contrast to the golden brown chicken, making your table look more eye-catching and appealing.

6 best side dishes to serve with popcorn chicken

Here we come with the six best side dishes that are delicious, affordable, and easy to make to serve alongside popcorn chicken:

1.     A dipping sauce

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As already mentioned, a dipping sauce is just perfect for popcorn chicken, especially the kind that hasn’t been cooked in sauces.

Ketchup, mayo, BBQ, or mustard are some common options of dipping sauce for popcorn chicken.

2.     Coleslaw

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Coleslaw is another thing that can be served with popcorn chicken without sacrificing your health.

Coleslaw often contains shredded raw cabbage and carrots that are coated with mayonnaise.

The slightly sour and refreshing taste with the crunchy texture of this salad will definitely make you enjoy your meal even more.

3.      Mac and cheese

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It is a treat day and you want something that is even richer and heavier than your bowl of popcorn chicken, mac and cheese is the answer.

This classic combination is high in calories and fat, but it is undeniably delicious.

4.     French fries

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French fries are another common side dish for most comfort foods like burgers or fried popcorn chicken.

If you want to cut down some fat intake, try making French fries by baking them or using an air fryer.

5.     Cornbread

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If you want to be fuller, then serve popcorn chicken with cornbread.

Cornbread is one of the most popular baking items in many American households.

It is easy to make and inexpensive, and the soft texture and a slightly sweet corny flavor will definitely satisfy your palate.

6.     Collard greens

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If you want something green and healthy to serve alongside your popcorn chicken, you can try collard greens.

This kind of vegetable is often simmered with other ingredients like bacon, onion, and broth to create a flavorful and tender dish.

This dish pairs well with popcorn chicken, in any case, no matter if it is a brunch see or dinner.

The bottom line

Whether you want something hot and spicy or sweet and savory, there are many side dishes that go well with your popcorn chicken.

Treat your guests with one or more of the six best side dishes that we have suggested above to make their mouths water.

Which one of these popcorn chicken’s side dish options do you think would go best with this tasty treat?

Let us know in the comment section below!

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